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  1. one can always try rsc website because it has got very good articles about any area that related to chemistry;; http://www.rsc.org
  2. I didn;t have time to read the OP's post but from the replies from other members of the forum, I take it that the OP is trying to say that either him or someone he knows has seen 'God'. God really exists but saying that you saw him and wagering to it won't change anyone mind....in fact no one can see God except only the Prophets and angels.!
  3. I am hearing for the first time that malarial parasite would be sold online. I don't think so because when purshing them one can't actually tell their intentions as to why they want it to the seller in a way that is ok with the sellers. Anyway, if there is a slighest chance why not google it.
  4. I really liked the taj mahal, it was great to be there as it is isolated from the city of agra. I liked people there too. You must come to Pakistan you won't feel much diffent from India but you will be treated rather like 'Royals' because we people welcome indians in our country!

  5. i am not sure about what you mean. You say that the starch and amylase are in a single beaker then you say that the beaker had only starch. Well, if it did have only starch then i imagine that the solution you are using may be bad ones[its just a guess]. Try to repeat the test and i hope this time things clear up for you;)!
  6. Also, Bromine is placed in a group which changes in physical states from top to bottom.
  7. I finally opened the link, however i won't be doing the survey just yet....but i will do so in a few days. Hope you don't mind!
  8. Electron withdrawing group are one which produce the negative inductive effect while donating group produce the positve effects. Its means the same as what mrsemmapeel has mentioned. OH- and NO3- I think make a good withdrawing groups!
  9. amylase converted starch into maltose which gave you the positive result with benedict solution, however since starch has been broken down iodine test will be negative
  10. Yeh I think he will be better advised to study undergrad biochemistry book!
  11. i went there for a week only, been to delhi, agra(city of taj, it was lovely) and a place if i reacll correctly called fathepur-shikree. Lovely place though India. Nice experience to go there!

  12. no mate no, but because you have already awarded the repo, i am obliged to fill it sooner given that the link opens ofcourse!
  13. Hi chitrangda, you are ever so welcome to call me what you please. Studies are at a low because i am cut away from it. You could say i am on holidays. I will be starting in october...until then i am just relaxing. And did i tell you i have been to India too?

  14. Hi, Real name is Khalid M Siddiqui. No, it wasn't difficult. I actually live in Uk but am also Pakistani through and through!. Studies are going on a low these days....not doing much. Whats your real name? and no need of thanks again ok!

  15. YT, you should look after yourself mate, cig smoking is notoriously dangerous as i am sure you are aware. For me I claim to be the healtiest person in whole of SFN, i don't smoke, drink (alcohol) that is, i do a lot of sports and i eat healthy food. Mutton meat, vegs and fish is what i usually take. I don't take much of fast foods!
  16. Dear bookworm, Thank you for taking me as a person worthy of passing blessing but really its God who blesses. Wheter you are a hindu, muslim, christain or a jew it matters not he is the God of all. But, all i am doing is helping an indian friend out which is nothing but my heartiest pleasure.... I am always happy to help anyone. Good luck again!

  17. You know its funnier you mention it. Fasting is only a pillar of islam which is observed so that we could feel the pain of starvation of people who remain unfed because they can't earn much etc. So its a 12hr fast for this purpose. As per who can and can't keep a fast, you would be surprised to know that list is bigger for who don't have to than who must. I understand from your talk that you are an atheist but one who is a friend of mine hmmm.
  18. Hi, ofcourse if i can ask my friends to do it I would certainly do it. Good luck!

  19. Or you can just grab a A'level Biology text book where the whole pathway is given in quite detail and in easy context. It aslo goes on to kreb cycle and oxidative phosphorylation.
  20. size of molecules is a clue...I know you can get to the answer if you think !!!! GOod luck
  21. the link doesn't open ....i am itching to participate
  22. Ramadhan is not only for Muslims, everyone can participate init. Its just that muslims observe it. If anyone from any religion is fasting and giving away bad habits like lying, fighting, abusing they are fasting. Killing people, blesphemy and breeching human rights don't include as bad habits they are intolerable bloody sins that are unwashable. Anyway, I appreciate and respect your views and as you said be it christmas, devali, hannukah or eid one must celebrate it just for the sake of good ties and fun. Thank you CrazCo and bookworm for wishing! man i have to stop eating now...as a practice.!
  23. I have answed as much questions as I could in your survey form but my apologies if I couldn't quite complete a few sections. Good luck with whatever you are doing!

  24. Dear all! Its time for me to congratulate everyone Muslims and non-muslim alike a happy Ramadhan (month of fasting)!. May during this month you wipe away as much as sins as possible and bring about a good EID!
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