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  1. hi i was just wondering how is it so that without any mentioned calculations did my chemistry book have the structure of methane with labelled bond angle? can any 1 tell me how to calculate bond angles? is there any formula to calculate it. help me please. thnx
  2. hi i would like to make a new chemistry revision website for AS level. so can any 1 tell me the procedure to do it tnx.
  3. i have come across this term many a times but was not able to find out as to what is it. the term is 'half-equation'. is it to do with ionic equation? so can any 1 tell me. thnx
  4. John, thnx for the info about Asbestos being a banned substance. i am sure it will be banned here as well because if you are a studnet and under 18 they dont give you sulphuric acid in Pakistan so i dont expect any one to give me Asbestos. anyway u said that if u knew better then u can help me more, so i wish 2 tell u that we were performing an experiment for the cracking of a liquid paraffin as it is in our AS level syllabi. i do hope now that you know what we were doing u can guide me better. anyway can we use aluminium oxide as a substitue for Asbestos, it is easily available too? i hope u answer me as soon as possible i'll be grateful for that and thnx 4 the info again alright.
  5. Hi, can any 1 explain what is chirality in molecules and how do we find the chiral centre from a given compound, for example in citronellol(C10H20O or C10H19OH). easy explainations will be most appreciated?
  6. hi, we were at the laboratory last week trying to do some of the chemistry experiments in the college? but we could not do it beacuse we did not know what exactly was mineral fibre and ceramic fibre. can some 1 tell me what exactly is mineral fibre and ceramic fibre and can they be found easily in shape of our daily use items. i would be thankful 2 any 1 who tells me.
  7. hi, can any 1 tell me whether from a formula of an organic compound , can we deduce how many isomers will that compound have? if so how? any help will be most appreciated.
  8. fedrik thnx 4 that i think i have almost got the concept and my answer as well which was the effect of temperature change on reaction rate in terms of boltzman distribution.
  9. i would appreciate if you tell me what basically is boltzman distribution? thnx 4 the answer though, i would certainly put on my thinking cap on that 1 and figure out how exactly it shifts to the right. thnx
  10. no dear, this is not true it is open for any one willing to join. U see i am only an A'levels student ands till i have the membership. Those who are undergraduate can get membership as an 'Affiliate'. so if u r interested u can either go to the website or simply i will arrange it 4 u. U will have 2 have a referre who knows about your life etc. the website is as thus: http://www.rsc.org/
  11. i need some help in that how can we explain the effect of temperature change on the rate of reaction in terms of boltzman distributions?
  12. Hey thnx 4 that i would like any 1 at all to present Me some problem and i shall be able 2 help any 1. i do appreciate u saying that i can disscuss problems but my dear i want problem with the realted level that is A'levels. So any 1 interested would be welcome. Any way Thnx 4 ur support. Khalid
  13. Hi, i am khalid from pakistan. I am member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. I am 17 yrs old and an A'levels student. Any one who wishes to share their problems in chemistry at the level mentioned would be welcomed. i must tell for Indians and American the A'levels is the F.S.C level or else the Ist year. Any one who wishes to know about the Royal Society of Chemistry which is a leading organisation in Europe for the asvancement of Chemical sciences is aslo welcome and i would appreciate the move if any 1 wants to become its member. I do wish 2 see a positive replies from u ppl. Khalid (ChemSiddiqui)
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