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  1. Hi, I started reading a novel called 'Cause of Death' by partica Cornvell. And in that novel Dr.Kay Scarpetta quotes: " the ability to smell cyanide is a rex-linked recessive trait that is inherited by less than thirty percent of the population" Now I want to know how true this is? Can anyone here smell literally smell cyanide?
  2. They do, but most of them don't have the option for which language you want them. Like the one I bought the other day had hebrew subtitles and no options. Crazy isn't it?
  3. yes I know, however I wanted to ask was it beacuse of the coiled structuer?
  4. Hi all, Anyone here can tell me any link to a website which provides free, non-downloadable movie subtitles. The subtitles should not use any software. Any 1 please!
  5. Hi all, God has created human beings in complex and complicated ways that It is difficult to imagine anything like it. If i am not mistaken, hair and skin of humans are tertiary proteins. They are insoluble so they dont dissolve in water when we go for a swin or take a bath. I want to ask why is this! My take on this is that it has a coiled structure and from the inside are the intermolecular forces, hydrogen bonding, disulphide bonds and others. From the outside there are no hydrogen bonds which is why its insoluble. Why do you people think!
  6. Well thank you all, I think I understand it some what now. You were a good help, all of you. thanks again!
  7. No, i am quite sure its isolated atom. here is an abstract from wikipedia: " Isolated atoms Atomic physics always considers atoms in isolation - i.e. a model will consist of a single nucleus which may be surrounded by one or more bound electrons. It is not concerned with the formation of molecules (although much of the physics is identical) nor does it examine atoms in a solid state as condensed matter. It is concerned with processes such as ionization and excitation by photons or collisions with atomic particles. While modelling atoms in isolation may not seem realistic, if one considers atoms in a gas or plasma then the time-scales for atom-atom interactions are huge in comparison to the atomic processes that we are concerned with. This means that the individual atoms can be treated as if each were in isolation because for the vast majority of the time they are. By this consideration atomic physics provides the underlying theory in plasma physics and atmospheric physics even though both deal with huge numbers of atoms. Additionally, the properties of an atom in isolation is different from that of individual atoms in relatively close proximity to each other. This is because medium and long range forces come into play with proximity. " can some1 explain now Please, i can't still get it in my head.
  8. No worries Physia. Mind whatever you hear from me would be my personal but yet authentic account. Things today have been quite ok, its half past 3 afternoon here and the daily life seen to have come to track after 3 after days of difficult situation. hope this news suffices for the time being
  9. Hi all, I was just curious to know two things: A. What actually is an 'Isolated' atom? B. How was this name given? I am not sure but I think isolated atom is an atom which is inert and in ground state.
  10. He will address this no doubt. Not if the so-called 'honest' politicians remain in the country. They just rule for power and money. People and the People's party think that Government is involved. Government has changed quite a few statements lately about how she was assasinated. Why kill her? simple because her party was getting stronger and the elections were just a week long, so good excuse to rid of her and get the election postponed. I think every one ought to keep their internal matters to themselves. AS for why she was killed and the investigation on it, I personally think Government is hiding something. Same as before I think, only just that equillibrium has shifted to Musharraf's side a little bit. To speak the truth, no politician, be it Benaziar, Musharraf or nawaz sharif, none of them are or were truly sincere to the country. The region where I am living and Lahore as well as other major cities except Islamabad have been rather peaceful. No voilence as it is and no damages so far. Only trouble is that the fuel stations are closed which is making life a little difficult. Anyway, more unrest? I don't think so, we already had enough!
  11. If it were reacted with air, i would think it would have been 'burn in air' than 'exposed' in air. Air as we all know is a mixture of gases which contain nitrogen more than oxygen. So there is a possibility that exposed to air doesn't mean oxygen at all, but burn in air is definately to do it addition of o2. hope that helps
  12. Well as the temperature increases and looking at the equillibrium that is to say H20 -------> H+ + OH- . The process is endothermic. So according to Le Chateleir's Principal (don't mind the spellings), as we increase the temperature the forward reaction is favoured and so does the production of H+ ions. So ph does drop and the reaction will take place completely and more reactively.
  13. Yeh I think the rotation spectra would do the trick as Testo mentiones. John's suggestion is aslo good one as well.
  14. wow thanks, insane_alien, I really appreciate your explaination. I think it was not 2 hard after all. I haven't revised my syllabus for ages and some1 asked this question but I was unable to understand the question?
  15. Yeh it is basically depend upon thermal(heat) expansion. As rightly stated by the previous poster I think you need to have a look at thermal expansion coefficient. That will tell you whether you are going to have similar effect on plastic lid jar as you had with metal lid one from pouring hot water over it.
  16. Thnx, yes i am aware of Markovnikov's rule and I think it suggested that where to place your halogen atom in the carbon chain? How can it possibly explain which product is abundant? By the way my answer was right though! Thnx again
  17. Not really no. I think we just have to measure the percentage yeild of each products. Is it?
  18. so that confirms my suggestion that this means which of them is in excess(abundant)? Thnx
  19. well the question was in the reaction between propene and HBr which product will be dominate? ... the the question has not sunk in my head! can u help now...!
  20. Hi erevy1, Could some1 tell me what does this sentence means: "which product dominates"? I think it means which product is in excess? what u think? Thnx
  21. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Eid, Happy Hannukah and Ofcourse Happy New Year to all from me. I hope this is all I can remember!
  22. Thank you Righno but I am aware of that. Thanks though!
  23. Well everything is ok for me here. Maybe the moderator ought to change the skin after every 2 months.
  24. thnx ur answer has quashed my doubt. Nice hat though YT!
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