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  1. hi, I would like to ask you to join chemnet chem, a chemistry-based social group I have created. Just go to my profile and then to the social groups I have created and then join in. I welcome 'chemistry experts' in my group.

  2. Hi,


    I saw your answer about atoms from a question from .beautiful. Want to join Chemnet Chem.

    Go to my profile and join my social group!

  3. I would first of all say that Musharraf's leaving or resign if you will is a positive step for the country. But, as I understand by the news in the media, Asif Ali Zadari is being touted to become the next president...if that happens I would rather wish that Musharrad stayed. Asif is the biggest trator to the country!. As per pakistan possing nukes is all but a safety measure and Pak army is never ever ever going to let it taken up by some clan that would use it for their agenda. O yeh, also pak army never supported Musharraf that much to be honest, They are simply the most disciplined army in the world in my opinion and just obeyed their leader.
  4. hi, came from UK few days ago, nothing special going on. What about you, how's your studies going and holidays too?

  5. ChemSiddiqui

    My vote

    no problemo, since i am not interested in politics I will choose YT, because at least his is chemistry through and through.
  6. only took physics until my o'levels but afterwards dropped it and continued with biology and chemistry in a'levels. It was mainly because i didn't enjoy physics and so dropped. To be honest the subject you like is what you find easy; in my case i think chemistry is the easiest and then is biology and then physic and this is how my favourite list of science subject is ordered!
  7. Thank you for the friendship request. I am humbled by being asked for friendship by a member like you!

  8. I don't like much indian actors to be honest just don't watch much of their movies you know but amitabh is very good for sure

  9. frankly i don't like him(hee hee). U say u from jammu which part of it india one or pakistan one.

  10. Ideal gas equation should help! I agree with DeanK2
  11. thank just finished my studies! u no sixth-form ones. Thanks for accepting my friendship

  12. Hey Darkshade bro, want to join chemnet chem and also be friends

  13. Hi testo, Why not join chemnet chem social group. Its a good platform for someone like you who is a chemistry bonker like me.

  14. hey I am Chemsiddiqui, where are you from. want to be friends. a good way of doing that is to join chemnet chem social group

  15. Hi YT, want to join chemnet chem social group. it would be good if you could!

  16. Hi book worm, I invite you to join the chemnet chem social group. It is made especially for all those who love chemistry.

  17. DrP is right, it is a voilent reaction. but as per your suggestion it is true that sodium hydroxide is obtained. well to be exact, sodium hydroxide 'crackles' when you heat it and I actaully have never heard about the molten sodium hydroxide. Try Wikipedia, it might help!
  18. Great, So I am a 19 just finished my A'levels and am going to go to imperial college London for my further(higher) studies for a chemistry undergraduate course. tell me about you. U like skr????? looks like it from ur avatar....Hmmm!

  19. I'd say Halide acid is formed but since the reducing ability increases from flourine to iodine, Iodide ions in the halide acid are oxidised and reduces sulphuric acid to sulphur and sulphur dioxide.
  20. Hey book worm, I am ChemSiddiqui and if you browse my profile you will get to know that I am a Pakistani. So, keeping rivalry aside, want 2 b friends!??????

  21. Lets just say heat with con.Sulphuric Acid. By the way if you are trying to prepare it look at the safety measures FIRST ALWAYS! if its a wee-bit dangerous leave it out altogether!
  22. Ok got the point hermnanntrude, i didn't realise it was moved to homework help section just as i didn't properly see that O was attached with an H so making the second compound as an alcohol.....Silly me!
  23. I think it is fair to use Gene technology in treatment of diseases and other things but as far as clonning humans or such things it constitutes more problems than it solves (say by religious scholars)
  24. Not sure about the first one but the second one I think is ether (Dont know its nomenclature though)
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