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  1. what is the difference between the following statements: a congruent (triple equal sign) to b mod (n) and a=b mod(n)?? do they differ in any properties ?
  2. in inorganic chemistry when we define a surface, how many molecular layers/ or 'depth' are we talking about.
  3. in chemistry when we define a surface, how many molecular layers/ or 'depth' are we talking about.
  4. can you please take a general case and solve it mathmematically..im not able to get the statement how did you arrive at the statement that the sum of totients is n?
  5. how is summation of all phi(d) = n where d|n? thanks
  6. sfpublic

    Air Trecks

    This thread's a joke, isn't it? I actually liked the anime until I read this thread...
  7. sfpublic

    Imortality Drive

    Check Out William Cooper's "Behold A Pale Horse" Page#397 http://bit.ly/NyDe8
  8. Hi, I just had a test question for a synthesis problem (you have methoxybenzene and you want 1-methoxy-4-propylbenzene) and it was considered completely wrong, I was wondering why: Methoxybenzene ---> (1) + FeBr3, Br2 (2) + Mg, ether (3) +1-bromopropane, ether --> 1-methoxy-4-propylbenzene The right answer is (1) + AlCl3, 1-chloro-1-oxopropane (2) H20 (3) Zn(Hg), aq HCl. I understand why the right answer is right, but I don't understand how my answer is completely wrong, and I got zero points for it. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedanyone? any help would be
  9. Anyone see this article yet? Synthesis of Anthropomorphic Molecules: The NanoPutians Stephanie H. Chanteau and James M. Tour
  10. a is 0, but i assume there must be some upwards force. no?
  11. I know the forces of gravity and drag must be equal, but I don't know how to calculate them given only that info.
  12. A 50 kg box falls at its terminal velocity of 70 m/s. At this point, what is the upward drag force, in newtons?
  13. I want to learn more about the sciences of PV and thinfilm solar panels, can anyone point me in the direction of a good book on the subject (or webiste)? Such as how they are made and how they actually harness energy. Also, if anyone knows where to read more about wind energy, it would be greatly appreciated.
  14. You people are such pessimistic losers, you call yourselves senior chemists? Yet you spend so much time attacking a curious 13-year-old who wants to make H2S04, pfftt... If you were a true chemist you would never even think about trying to tell somebody something is impossible, you would extract joy from telling people how to do things, no matter how dangerous, the only reason i can think of in terms of you people telling someone not to try and make sulfuric acid is because you yourselves once tried to make up a batch but failed miserably, now in your worthless freetime you spend your fa
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