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  1. Hi everyone I've had this project on controlling the light intensity with a microcontroller, using phase control. I've build the zero-cross detector and the circuitry to interface with the light via an optocoupler (MOC3023) and a triac (BT138), but I'm a little stuck on the software. I'm using an on-board potentiometer to control the intensity and a 12bit ADC to get the digital value, but I think I can easily complete by having an 8bit value. So my point of concern is how do I change this 12bit value into an 8bit one? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated TDS
  2. 1. I believe that fundamentally it has to do with the natural tendency of physical systems to reach 'a lower energy state', that is a more stable one. Disorder is just the word we seem to use to describe it when we see no elegance while the process is under way. 3. Reality is not ideal I guess
  3. Oh, and btw is there something like "8051 LCD command list" like the 'enter command' or 'backspace'? The ones I have above (move_left, move_right, del,...) I collected from several books I happen to have on microcontrollers, but I feel my project's lacking a taste of completeness.
  4. No no, I'm using pushbuttons on the board as keys. I got it to work lasht night actually. I seem to have been carrying a bit from the ISR routine that was causing me trouble. P.s. I apologize for lack of comments (not a good programmer). Some of the labels too are in my native language
  5. Hey everyone. I've been working for quite a while on this one. I've been trying to make a VT100 terminal emulator through serial port (RS232 standard) using Easy8051A development board. I've written down the entire code for writing from hyperterminial (yeah, I nedded XP for that) to a 2x16 LCD (8-bit mode) and also for writing from the board to hyperterminal, but I got stuck trying to bring the two together. I know I must somehow use serial interrupts to check whether a key has been pressed or not but I can't just quite figure it out. I'll post the code down here, just in case anyone has
  6. Hello! We have created a science forum. Researchers, professors, post graduate students and undergraduate students are invited to join/register our forum.


    This is the link to my forum. It is still under construction and will be fully active from 1is august. Last date of registration is 15th august, so please join it as soon as possible. It will be a great pleasure for me, if you join it.


    Nikhil aggarwal

    University of Delhi, India


  7. I believe that's it:-) Good work Sisyphus
  8. Could you explain how you got your answer (I don't know if its correct)? Here's how I got my 41.5 days The cow can finish it alone in 90 days. Since it take the goat twice as more time to finish when it is with the duck, compared to the cow, then (I assume) it would take the duck 180 days to finish to finish the entire thing alone. And similarly I got 135 days for the goat (though I'm not so sure on this one). And if you try to get the number of days that would take for the three of them together, then I tried x/90 + x/180 + x/135 = 1 than I got that x=41.5.... But there's a
  9. OMFG, sorry! The question is "How many days does it take the three of them together to eat all the grass."
  10. Hey people, how are you doing? I heard this couple days ago and tried to figure it out myself but I seem not to be able to:( It goes like this: |=|A cow and a goat eat all the grass of a pasture in 45 days. The (same) cow and a duck eat the grass in 60 days, and the duck and the goat east the grass in 90 days. The cow eats the same amount of grass as the duck and the goat together. But you have to take into consideration that new grass grows continuously.|=| At first I got 45 days, then I got 41.5... days but I think neither of them is the answer. Any suggestion?
  11. I've had the same idea too, but so far I haven't come across any H-R diagram that would show the relation mass-radius. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Thank you for this. I just downloaded it, and I'm going to read it right now.
  12. Hey guys, I was discussing with a friend about the evolution of stars, our sun especially. It's now absolutely well known that the radius of a star when it turns into a red giant is increased a lot, but he asked me whether there is a formula or any other way using which you can calculate this radius increase yourself. Of course there must be some way, and I couldn't answer him. So is there a formula, or other way so you can calculate yourself what the radius of our sun (for example) will increase when it turns into a Red Giant? Regards, shade
  13. Merry Christmas to you all. (Next stop: New Year)
  14. Thanks for accepting YT:-)

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