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  1. Others... not so much. NASA’s Long-Term Climate Predictions have Proven to be Very Accurate, Within 1/20th of a Degree Celsius
  2. For all practical purposes, nobody makes artificial sugar.
  3. I wasn't aware it was any sort of secret.
  4. Is brainwashing the same as propaganda? To me it implies more than simply not telling people the truth.
  5. UNLESS you don't remember because... the techniques worked.
  6. Yes, I read about them.
  7. For the most part, it's not the alcohol in beer that kills the bacteria- it's the fact that the brewing process requires prolonged boiling. Making tea also works. There is a (not too serious) suggestion that the British empire was a success because we adopted both reasons for boiling our water.
  8. iron nanoparticles will catch fire on exposure to air, and they won't last much longer in water.
  9. Not while she's courting Brexit and Trump.
  10. Babies' bottles have been sterilised with dilute hypochlorite for just over 100 years without any problems. The hypochlorite isn't the problem. People cook chicken and that kills bacteria. The bacteria,are not the problem It's the shit. If you process the carcasses appropriately, you don't get them so badly contaminated that you have to bleach them (rather than just washing them). Chlorinated chicken is an excuse to literally sell shit to the consumer.
  11. There are two things. Water can form two hydrogen bonds to other molecules; ammonia can only form 1 Also, while ammonia is much more volatile than water, it's much less volatile than, for example, methane.
  12. Do you mean endothermic? I'm fairly sure that the reaction of bicarbonate of soda with vinegar is endothermic.
  13. No. But I'd consider using sodium metabisulphite next time.
  14. Nobody asked about what eats humans My point was about what humans eat. Did you understand that and post something deliberately irrelevant (which is called "trolling", btw)?
  15. What? What eats cow blood? Humans. What eats wheat? Humans What eats glue? Humans. Anyway, as is often the case when the question is "What eats...?", the answer is "humans Now what mistake did you make which led you to think that "..which will be ultimately wrong answer unless your dead body will be cremated..." was even relevant, never mind correct? .
  16. It is true that the solubility of potassium tartrate in water is quite low. It is also, of course, irrelevant. The environment in which it is present is a solution of bicarbonate of soda, in which it is much more soluble- because it reacts. You should read your own "advice" Your perspective is absurd anyway. If the tartar didn't react, what would be the point of putting it there? Of course it reacts. It makes rather more sense to check something we don't actually know. How much did the OP use. If it's a teaspoonful of baking powder in a litre of water then there's enough water to dissolve it anyway.
  17. It's complicated.
  18. WTF? Bicarbonate of soda reacts with potassium bitartrate to produce potassium sodium tartrate (known as Rochelle salt) carbon dioxide and water.
  19. These days there's a reasonable chance that I'd take a picture of the object and a ruler at the same time (and at the same distance) and then measure the distances on the screen.
  20. "Not farage's views" is more popular. It's also important to recognise that the Brexit party has been elected to the EU parliament. There are 751 MEPs 29 of those are now Brexit party MEPs. They can't possibly win a vote, so... 3.8% is not a landslide.
  21. I did count them. Well, I counted half of them- on the basis of the available evidence which said that, at the Referendum about half of them voted each way. Do you have better data? If so, I'd love to see it. Can you have a landslide minority in a PR election? I am. But that's only based on the available facts, and the votes and polls since 2016 What's the basis of your conviction? Do you feel that a 4% majority in a 2 horse race is insurmountable or do you think that people have not taken account of the new information (post referendum) and changed their minds? However, even if I'm mistaken, it has to be worth a try. What do we have to lose?
  22. Not very... I'm trying to work out if it's a bad joke or a mistake. Anyway, as is often the case when the question is "What eats...?", the answer is "humans though personally, I will stick to black pudding.