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  1. Received my first Moderna vaccination tonight. The pharmacy had a handful leftover they needed to stick in someone by the end of the night. 😁

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    2. zapatos


      Not only that but I worked out with a dumbbell yesterday. I feel vigorous! 🤣

    3. MigL


      Finally got a booking for my first dose of Pfizer/Moderna on May 3;
      had to book it in a different city ( Hamilton ) about 45 min away, as they were all accounted for in the Niagara Region.
      May also get the Astra-Zeneca which is available at a local pharmacy.

    4. zapatos


      That's great MigL! I was really surprised how much better I feel knowing I've got my first dose. I know I can still get sick but knowing it won't kill me makes me less nervous around those many people who don't wear a mask around here.

      I have my second dose scheduled for Saturday.

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