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  1. Evoking magic to bolster your idea is generally not helpful in proving your point.
  2. I was born, I reproduced and all I have left to do is die - at that point mission accomplished!
  3. It is very difficult to get the reactions started because the aluminum will have an oxide layer that will prevent the mercury from coming contact with the aluminum metal. NaOH is good for removing oxide from aluminum (as I recall). This is not a very safe experiment to do with kids in a home setting.
  4. I have never seen an article on this, other than the one you quoted a few months ago. No textbooks will need to be rewritten, this is a known condition that is extremely rare , as you have been told many times.
  5. I stopped reading at this point because it can't be done. Actually, that was a nice try but your analysis is based on a faulty assumption as swansont pointed out. For a rotating wheel of 10 m in diameter at a speed of 2/3 c, the wheel would need to spin at about 400,000,000 rpm. I think to keep the wheel from flying apart it would need be made from Doesntexistium.
  6. You have got answers. You keep seeing this because you keep seeking it out. Your intense fascination with this does indeed seem a bit unhinged.
  7. This really interests you, doesn't it? You have asked this before and now you asking the same question on multiple forums.
  8. But which God? Good actions for one God are not necessarily good actions for another God. Since there is no way to which God is real or if they are all real or none are real, it seems like a waste of time, so I don't worry about it.
  9. It would be nice. It would also be nice to fly around like superman or be able to fold a fitted sheet. Since all of these are impossible what is the point in wishing?
  10. Ha ha. I guess scientists that disagree with inflation should not be allowed to drive.
  11. I always assumed the lions mane protected the lions neck from other male lions. A bigger thicker mane would increase the lions change of surviving a fight with another lion.
  12. Is pedophilia necessarily wrong? Yes.
  13. It has been a long time since I have done a titration, but I see no obvious mistake in your calculations. Could you have missed the end point or messed up on you preparation of the NaOH solution or HCL solutions? Not very helpful.... Hopefully someone will respond with more information - I may have missed something in your calculation that others will pick up on.
  14. Why? Edited: Are you saying the temperature increase can be taken into account in the same equation, if so I agree. My point is 2 things are happening to increase the pressure.
  15. Do not forget to also take into account the increase in the air pressure due to heating the air. In other words you have 2 effects going on. You have the increase in pressure due to the decreased volume + the increase in air pressure due to the increased temperature. The relationship PV=nRT can be used for both of these effects. Good luck with your homework...
  16. The idea that the acceleration that we feel from gravity is due to the earth expanding is pretty crazy in my opinion. I suppose the reason we do not run into the moon is because while the moon is also expanding the space between the moon and the earth is expanding at the exact rate that appears to keep our distance constant, like I said pretty crazy. What is expanding? the distance between atoms? The distance between the nucleus and electrons in an atom? Are there just more atoms forming? Are the fundamental particles themselves expanding? If the expanding earth is what gravity really is, why do satellites stay in orbit, an expanding earth will not affect something in orbit, right?
  17. Glass is a bit different as to why it is quickly cooled to harden. When glass is cooled rapidly the outside hardens first and then the inside of the glass cools and contracts. This puts the surface of the glass into compression. Glass breaks under tension, not compression, so the glass is much tougher. Since there is so much stress in the tempered glass, when it does break it goes into a gazzilion (technical term) pieces. Gorilla glass (think cell phones) is hard because large ions are exchanged for smaller ions in the glass and it again puts the glass surface in compression. If you are familiar with Corelle brand dishes they are so strong because they are made with a glass laminate process and the inner laminate has a higher CTE so when the glass cools after the lamination step the inner glass shrinks more and places the surface in compression. Tempered glass is not permanently hard, if the glass is taken up to the glass transition temperature the stresses will be relieved and the hardness will drop back to 'normal'. I work for a glass/ceramic company and my wife is a glass technologist - could you tell?
  18. It could be worse than PEE filling all space, it could be puissant oblate orbitals!
  19. A physical 'law' that violates the conservation of momentum and energy is easily denied and not with a second look. I hope that you enjoy the discussion with others, I am not interested. Have a good day.
  20. Then it looks like we are no longer in the field of physics and have moved to pseudoscience, so I think you are in the wrong subforum.
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