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  1. Sounds quite risky Did you hear the sonic boom yesterday about 3 pm ? We live in Somerset too and we heard a boom ... apparently caused by a meteorite going over above jersey?
  2. Thx for the post studiot .. I hadn’t heard of subkha but I have now thx and I understand a bit more about oil as well ... can I guess that you got caught out on a salt flat by the incoming tide? But it seems that most oil fields are thousands of feet under sea level which means that sea levels must have been a lot lower or the seas a lot deeper?
  3. Is it possible that some of the inland water across the globe are the results of meteorites striking at an angle creating my previous posts conditions and then being filled in with water in due course? Sorry that you have misunderstood my intentions by me raising several points along the way ... the intelligent design came in when I was replying to a post earlier and is part of my original question on how far science has progressed in uncovering the origins of man .. I see them all as interconnecting threads and all talking about science’s “agenda” to discount the possibility of creation and thereby a creator even though the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive... they can both compliment each other .. the bible is full of wisdom on things social ,medical and technical ... all of which lead us to a better world ... unfortunately mankind has used religion to control and manipulate people to their own agendas and caused destruction to millions in the process ,,,. For this I can only apologise ....
  4. Thanks studiot for the gravity answer .. does that mean we have been able to measure gravity over time ? The reason I ask is if gravity was stronger it could mean that trees/fauna would have to be bigger to grow to beat it and also animals would naturally have denser / stronger bones and muscles and potentially grow bigger ... certainly with no pollutants .. hence the size of dinosaurs ... but as the gravitational pull decreases the larger animals die out and smaller ones take over ... trees / fauna don’t have to fight so hard to grow and also decrease in size ... and how does science explain oil reserves being under the ground when the main contributor to create oil is plant based? It’s not off topic to the intelligent design theory surely Getting back to the deluge idea ... if a meteorite strikes the sea we would have a tsunami over a large part of the earth and rain over the rest .. if another struck the land as well you would have a dust cloud that might make the rain keep going for weeks as no sunlight would dry out the clouds and create a greenhouse effect that would cause moisture and evaporation... more rain et al?
  5. I see no one has picked up the baton about circumcision and it’s medical benefits, is that because of lack of interest or because it leads to heavily towards the idea of intelligent design from outside human abilities?
  6. Hi studiot Yes I enjoyed reading the article it poses several possibilities that lead the reader to consider the way we view scripture which is always good for us ... thx for that
  7. I have another question ... is the gravitational field of the earth stable or is it increasing or decreasing by a measurable amount each year?
  8. Thx for that I’ve heard of the magnetic shift but not the “ reversal “ that you speak of and the possibility is there ." How long would such an event take to settle down and become stable ? What about an ice meteorite strike into the deepest ocean ... would that have a similar effect and leave no trace? Of course there is a fourth option as well .... that God exists and if so is quite capable of telling water and animals to do exactly what happened in genesis 6 as he did with the parting of the Red Sea in exodus and has kept science working alongside the church with a different purpose to give all the peoples of the earth a choice as to what they believe ... occasionally sharing our thoughts along the way Sorry I should have said theology not church in my previous post
  9. Hi Bufofrog you’re right he does add bats in with birds ...and it’s a shame right now that someone wasn’t following this guideline ... a lot of trouble wouldn’t have happened .... but thx for that reference .. I have to admit I’d never seen that inclusion as a problem until now and I get what you say about wanting a belief to be true but no-one was expecting anything to happen ... we’ve prayed for dozens of people who are ill and not seen any obvious change .. certainly not as dramatic as that ... but when you see anything happen you never forget it and as was pointed out to me .. the cumulative evidence over time begins to create belief until a thing is 100% ... I’ve realised that I was a lepton now I’m a quark ... is that an improvement?
  10. I said her leg grew to match the other one which is what the prayer was for ... actually 18mm as that was the length that was missing ... now it may be that her sacroiliac joint adjusted but the result was the same But the fact that we all saw a movement that was impossible for the subject to perform on her own was what made it extraordinary Where does the Bible say bats are birds?
  11. The lady herself is a nurse so there are plenty of professional people who can attest to this There is a publication by the Vatican that is an interesting read as well called “ making a case for medical miracles” where exhaustive research has been undertaken to verify claims of miracles over the past 400 years and in the Vatican archives are the evidence of their findings and the book is a collection of this evidence But all this is academic really as I came on to the forum not to prove my beliefs but to understand where science is regarding the theory of evolution ... I see from your posts that the situation hasn’t really changed and the arguments remain the same .. it is not for man to know the day nor the hour ... Jesus Christ Matthew 25 :13
  12. I mend shoes for a living and one of my customers had to have her right shoe built up because she had one leg longer than the other ... after we prayed for her her leg grew in front of us and her legs became the same length and sumo she subsequently had to have all her shoes adjusted and the build-ups on the right shoes she had previously worn removed to suit her new balance ... I still have all the build- ups as a reminder ... would that serve as evidence if you saw them? Ian McCormack has written books about his death from being stung many times by box jellyfish and was pronounced dead and placed in the hospital morgue .. 2 days later he came back to life .. that is evidence you can check ..
  13. The people who can testify to the truth of my claims are alive and fit and healthy It seems that you have closed your mind to a host of possibilities I will leave you to your deliberations if you want ,or I can stay and discuss my claims if you would like me to ...
  14. Why is. Quark on my profile ? Does that mean you cannot accept the testimony of an honest man
  15. Have you ever investigated such claims?
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