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  1. No. That scenario would not come close to producing enough temperature of pressure for fusion to occur. There would be a roughly linear decrease in the acceleration from 9.8 m/s^2 to 0.
  2. They would slam into each other and melt from the KE. The lead would be moving at about 12 km/sec when they hit. Pretty fast but not fast enough for something crazy to happen. Of course not. Of course not.
  3. You did not specify a flow rate so that doesn't come into the analysis. I think since the flow rate can be low it is ok to ignore head losses. So all you need is a pump that can develop a delta P of about 4.3 psi. That is a tiny pump. I looked at Amazon and you can get a 12v DC pump for about $19 that would do the job, it is actually over powered.
  4. I don't know, but I sure see a lot of white people who lay around in the sun trying to make their skin turn darker.
  5. Like this? Dim First, Second First = Range ("A1").value Second = Range("A2").value If Second>First Then Exit Sub "This will end the subroutine" Else EndIf "if Second is less than First then the subroutine will finish"
  6. It should work. Are you sure that you are writing the notation correctly for excel. What is the error message?
  7. To be fair, there are frogs that can be at least partially frozen for 6 months and survive. So based on that maybe, possibly sometime in the distant future it just barely concievable you could freeze someone and unfreeze them at a later date unharmed. But dead people do not come back to life. Freezing a dead guy isn't going to change the fact that he is dead.
  8. You do not need a chart. \[Cross Section Area = MF \times \frac{1}{\rho} \times \frac{1}{V} \] So for water, a MF of 1Kg/s at a velocty of 100 cm/s the cross section would need to be 10 cm^2 or a pipe diameter of 3.568 cm.
  9. If the virtual particles appear and immediately disappear, then nothing is added.
  10. That doesn't make sense to me. It is fine to say that the earth is not moving through space, instead space is moving past earth, but it becomes very problematic if you add other bodies. If space is moving past the earth so that it appears that the earth is moving around the sun, then obviously the space cannot be moving past the sun at the same rate and direction that it is moving past the earth. In other words if bodies are moving relative to each other, but it is really space that is moving, then the space is moving differently for each body.
  11. You are seriously misrepresenting the replies to your thread "mental momentum". There was one post which could be considered a personal attack and you received an apology for that comment. What actually happened is several members took the time to read your posts and supplied you with valid critiques that you did not like. Instead of addressing those critiques you made the following statement after you were asked to stop blogging: "It appears my material has become too good to be criticized." It seems to me you have been treated very well. Most of the members, me included, do not agree with you 'theory'. If you cannot take constructive criticism then maybe you should not be presenting your ideas to the public. I think you should get over it and quit trying to be a martyr.
  12. Thanks for your reply. To be sure I completely disagree with you, I think there is ample evidence showing that the equations for gravity using Newtons equations and general relativity work very well. Do you have equations for orbital mechanics using your hypothesis? Would your hypothesis be falsified if we were to find 2 bodies that orbit each other, even though your equations said that there influence was less than their distance from each other?
  13. Do you think Mars orbits the Sun because of the gravity from the Sun but not the gravity from Mars because the gravity from Mars does not reach the Sun?
  14. He is not predictable, since he is unbalanced. I don't think any course he takes would surprise me. He never has had any strategy in foreign policy.
  15. Welcome. I think you mean solar systems not universes. We have found "earth like" planets orbiting stars that are not like our sun. A rocket that fired all its fuel at once is essentially a cannon. The g-forces would kill the Astronauts. I am glad you are thinking about these things. The thing about science is the more you learn the more fun it is.
  16. Yes!!! The equation is nonsensical. It cannot be quantified!
  17. Then use that impressive IQ to learn some physics!
  18. The typical purpose of writing is to communicate, your purpose in writing seems to have some other goal. I do note that magnetism seems to be a major part of your hypothesis and I do not recall that being mentioned until this post. Are you making this up as you go along? I will attempt to state your hypothesis is a manner that is understandable: When the sun and the moon are in the right alignment the earths magnetic field energy can be concentrated in the area of a fault and trigger an earth quake. Is that what you are trying to say? By the way, Natural Event does not mean Natural Selection.
  19. Then the world is losing it's mind, I guess. This is a bit of a hijack i suppose, but the thread is a train wreck anyway...
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