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  1. The nearly perpetual motion fed by another nearly perpetual allways re charging the other to become perpetual ... ? So the power to turn an electric generator is originaly powered by the release of a clock work spring turned once a year ..🤔
  2. The shape of the matter they have formed can then be of different shapes ...is that right ? How many carbon atoms are required to make two particles of carbon distinguishable...?
  3. Interesting ...but does it address what circumstances collected so to speak the available materials for the autocataylitc event..is that event post Abiogenesis or the start .. is the hypothesis simply moving a measurement point of a start reference up and down the scale and not addressing mechanical pressures and enviroments/ habitats caused by mechanical pressures that can only considered unreatable there effects on a chemical process in every sense would be random and prolonged ....its the mixing of the soup not just the ingredients and how the ingredients interact..The actual process remains unknown simply because the random mechanical pressures and circumstance are unaccountable in there number and originate for most of the time from the totally unique effects of its totally unique solar system I believe its these unaccountable mechanical pressures on a chemical process ..as you mention the chemical process is as much at the mercy of enviromental pressures as is evolving biology... if a biology2 is not expected to produce another giraffe why would a chemical process produce another biology or anything that we could consider biolgical ...
  4. A puursit of evidence to support a hypothesis rather than the pursuit of data to explain a observation ...I too have collection of numbers and ideas that support the possibilty of faireys ....
  5. Why is astrobioligy not in the speculation bin ...
  6. I'm a keen reader of ww2 history and once read of german and allied submarine crew witnessing ball lighting travelling the length of the inside of the sub whilst been targeted with depth charges and was thought to be the effects of concussion / pressureand humidity of the atmosphere within the sub...🤔
  7. Alien lifeforms may or or may not exsist who knows I'm not sure they could or couldn't....is that carefull enough and I hope it didnt upset anyones sensibility..🙂 all I have suggested is a scientific explanation of why we dont observe biology here or anywhere else ...please contradict me with scientific fact as why my suggestion/ hypothesis is not correct ..I understand it needs to be tested to destruction .
  8. Well ???? what the hell as that got to with the post .....do you have anything to say or ask...? Sorry mate blue on blue ..
  9. They haven't attempted once responded with a question or counter claim other than I'm not very good at spelling 👍
  10. I've been continually accused of not following protocol .for not engaging in a scientific disscussion when I've never been asked a question ..but demands that I'm wrong simply because of because ... it's the moderators who not allowing a discussion by other members it may be of no interest to you ..my point is a serious scientific question and you are been disingenuous in not allowing it .....show me how I went wrong your guys I need to convince !
  11. The subject has raised more interest and questions than any of your posts..why the hostility is because it's your not idea ....attacking my ability to spell would be as rude and uncalled for as your ugliness would be relevant to mention to any of your ideas..if you're uninterested why comment at all ..I thought this was a forum of scientific debate It's just not special enough to not happen twice ...it seems ..life just must happen all the time ...there must be a must if it is to happen twice !
  12. You knew what it ment or you wouldnt have noted the spelling mistake rather than the irony of the post ....I shall watch you're spelling like a hawk if you can produce a few words or an idea ..
  13. Life exsits because it exsits here .. it's not special so it must happen every other week in the universe ..there is that many blinking planets out there it just must exsit by maths and science to think it can not exsit is not worthy of question or reason..they would not have made close encounters of the third kind if there was not something to it ...are they suggesting Spielberg is daft ...?
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