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  1. Please delete my account, this is quite ridiculous. This is how Tom Swanson conducts himself in public, apparently Prof. Brian Cox if full of XXXX http://blogs.scienceforums.net/swansont/archives/11081 Just scroll down to see Cox's own responses to Swanson's waffle, e.g.
  2. But you cannot undertake science without belief for the very simple reason that science and scientific theories rest on beliefs, assumptions, things we choose to accept as true but cannot prove to be true. We all do this, I do this, assuming truths is entirely reasonable and rational but we should never make the mistake of claiming we have no beliefs.
  3. The difficulty is that machines like computers are merely state machines, whether it be a calculator or supercomputer they are all just state machines. I see no scope for anything like "self awareness". If there is such a thing as self-awareness within a machine then what would be the criteria? Some believe too that the human brain, mind is wholly mechanistic but that's just a belief.
  4. What differences? what responses? If we don't know what self aware means, what material differences exist between self-aware and non-self-aware machines then we can't scientifically answer the OP's question.
  5. Not answerable unless you can tell me what the difference is between a non-self-aware machine and a self-aware machine.
  6. You don't know the first thing about science.
  7. I'm done with this thread, the naivety and juvenility shown by some is quite ridiculous, claiming to know so much about science yet attacking a person or a person's integrity when he raises hard questions or forces you to explain your beliefs. This is not science it is militant scientism.
  8. Not a quote in sight, just foot stamping and emotional outbursts. Did I undermine science? quote me. Did I propose anything mythical? quote me. Did I post "claptrap"? quote me. You post a quote like that yet I bet you cannot even begin to define what "understand" means can you?
  9. Stop being so ignorant. Measuring something is to make a claim about reality it is not reality. More ignorance! everything you say or do begins in the mind, the mind is real. Oh, so we're quote mining now are we? I don't think you do know, not at all, everything you say betrays ignorance. Science is rooted in unprovable beliefs if you do not understand that then you do not understand science and the limitations it has, so stop with the feigned erudition. If you truly knew anything about science (and this extends to several other ignorant people here like IDontKNow
  10. Well back to the facts at hand, I don't actually post in forums like this for petty bickering and name calling as is the case with iDontKNow - sorry - INow, that person delights in avoiding objective arguments because its too much of a stretch for him. So, Turing. Note what that Wikipedia article on computability said: But the paper cites no source as you can see and I'm not personally convinced this is true, at least in the sense that I'd expect such a claim to be true. A state machine (FSM or FA) is a fascinating and powerful way to solve certain problems, they are eas
  11. The phrase "you were asked to proved" betrays a poor grasp of English grammar. I'm unwilling, as already stated the request indicates ignorance on the part of Ghideon, and of course you too for perpetuating it. As I explained (not that I'd expect you to be able to follow along without pencil and paper) only through ignorance would someone ever demand a peer reviewed paper to prove that 1 + 3 = 76.9 is false, an error. The Wikipedia article appears to be in error, that's my position.
  12. Another vacuous post from the local ignoramous I see.
  13. If I said that I question the claim: 1 +3 = 76.9 you would not ask for a "peer reviewed paper" so this is a case where something that's obvious to me is beyond your knowledge, it is your ignorance (I'm allowed to say this apparently) that is the real issue for you.
  14. I asked Zapatos to stop the personal attacks, I did that in this post: You then posted this: I replied to that rather ignorant post with this: But then we have yet more ignorance, ignorance of the facts: So you are either blind, incompetent, ignorant or just rather dim, how you conned your way into being designated a moderator is a mystery. There are people hurling personal insults around, you are either dim or in fact secretly want them to say these things to me. Yes I KNOW THAT IS NOT THE POST I REPORTED but it is the post that you referr
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