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  1. @Bufofrog why is that heresy? those that are unwilling to use m'rna vaccines should know that they can rush for CBD prevention even do as lack of standardization of the amount on daily intake of CBD is not at all substitution for vaxing, yet this is due to systematic ignorance by the authorities to invest in CBD studies ... thus is ambigous alternative for now but useful info for all ... @swansont claiming m'rna vaxing has no risks is more than garbage how is closed the m'rna vaccine risks thread, You are moderating debate as if You are on big'pharma payroll, tho think this is solely from
  2. @To_Mars_and_Beyond this is due to overwhelming work they have, on top private life too, simply now this the reality, with recent introduction of e-teaching this could be easen as interactive Q&A sessions, but until there not introduced Institutional and Academic eForums like this one but focused on particular science in some university till then any progress will depend on good will lucky circumstances and slow push-pull debate! if this was case i.e. You had have Academic eForum other students will maybe answer on Your question, maybe already answered to others by the Professors , w
  3. @swansont I clearly showed that CBD is booster of T-Cells, what actually imply the thread title, on top in the last study is shown boosting of IgG by CBD, thus this thread its not any kind of speculation! Your excuse is shallow You'll need to provide other if there is at all!? I dont get here this thread will get just more fuel as true, while in Microbiology Subforum eventually could be further examined proved or disproved by potentially some scientists, this is not some smoking gun that vaccination is bad, i m'rna case is just experimental one and people are afraid of it as such, I dont
  4. @swansont which point applies for this thread? =https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/31045-why-has-my-post-been-moved-to-speculations/
  5. @Ghideon You know I am used to excuses, when someone is biased normally will say that my reasoning is conspi one, even when that is not a case [1][1][1] what about in this topic where I really cant claim theory but dismiss one so I can grasp what-if question ... ... so what to say enjoy your show, after all its only that as an exclusive theater for exceptional scientificism that actually happens to exists coz mids capitalism through it are derived funds for cocktail jams instead park walks ...
  6. @MigL hm how You are responding as concerned about mine simple backhand says big time how eager You are to stay lobotomized, its Your Free Will, after all if someone intentionally burn down your lab for sure You will feed pigeons in parks too, to Tesla was forbiden even leaving usA ... ... the thing is that Einstein was indeed half'minded lets say, proposing theory which has so much variables and in the end is proven that its super'symmetry cant handle the case its just more than false pseudoscience but indeed nut mainstream dogma to which many still kneel and bows, and that is not the bi
  7. pardon mm'observation here the main problem is that any debate about any alternative theory even less idea must be projected through the SM and normally GR, so any alternative debate is at best drawn to blatant dismissal tho not rarely on instant ridiculing, here I've seen both, altho must say it was somehow pleasure for me finding all those extra SM debunking videos and at least saw three physicist that are acknowledging publicly SM is pseudoscience, this just gives me more hope that as humanity we can quickly circumvent the current misuse of science for capitalistic lobotomy and free
  8. @swansont that is Your interpretation by the agreed existing "laws of physics" which didnt get us further than exploitation and destruction as civilization! @Ghideon the problem what connects my what-if notion to the 2009 gm'observation and those after is the true understanding how things works in our universe, as EricD said the Sun (Stars) are portal from where that energy comes, thus the same is not nuclear, but until our current understanding of physics dont fundamentally change You will argue here through the current mainstream scientific dogmas as if they are final, but what t
  9. I pointed to radiant energy and those sources explain to some extent the Tesla notion [1][1][1] again I am not postulating new theory, for that as I said You should ask others and pointed who that might be ... btw its not true there is not word of RE, here is excerpt of the EricD book p.212/206 ... ... You stuck to my assumption as I am knowing what kind of force is in question, I guess, I just say that the observed phenomenon as magnetic monopole (as observed in 2009 first time (without the need to be particle)) could be other thing, so again the question is would then that observatio
  10. I will not act physicist and defining hot water here, but will urge You follow already established patterns of research, in this case about radiant energy ... "True" Electromagnetism of Nikola Tesla ~ Eric P. Dollard ~ http://www.stannet.ne.jp/kazumoto/dollardEm-v3.pdf http://www.build.mk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=1719&PID=165390#165390 or similar alike propositions Ighina's Magnetic Monopole Generator ~ http://www.rexresearch.com/ighina/ighina.htm and obviously for more answers maybe I should start asking questions elsewhere ... just not sure whether I'll
  11. it would be illogical me to spam in this thread about SM but till someone open new sm'sos'thread I really find interestingly the reasoning of Alexander Unzicker [1][1][1] I wonder how Tesla in its own time was arguing against Einstein let me be precise general relativity is one point of view but as is extended its proving that is not the main even less complet understanding of the nature life and reality ... sorry for this mine offtopic jump'in but the point is if indeed magnetic monopoles as assumption exists in nature seen through the current science, then we can say scalar waves or en
  12. @Ghideon no it dont need to be particle I am continually saying this, it could be wave of some fringe energy as is already observed ... and please open new SM thread we can argue about the validity of SM as approximation of new theory, You are aware that this sounds like my toy knife will be one day surgical blade, no it wont tho that dont means You cant try doing operations with toy knife, let me see You can for sure spread mayo on bread about scientific elitism and dogmas, hm, are You aware how ridiculed are all alternative theories on basis of mainstream trend in this case SM, e
  13. @Ghideon all answers I've got are negative but rests on SM thus not answering my what-if question! @Markus Hanke hm definitely You are finding excuses but defacto the mainstream physics is in vacuum, trying to say the vacuum void is present its like saying wait we will build bigger colider and we will prove that SM is correct, in case of SM my argument in this thread is its not valid excuse so it wouild be rejected the proposed notion that divB=0 now with the detection of g'monopoles becomes dviB>0 if You are concerned on SM viability please open new thread and we can examine how
  14. @CharonY You are deliberately spinning my conclusions, btw with m'rna vaccines rna editing is defacto present and is introduced in the cells, like that it hijacks the ribosomes, which are not attacking the virus eg. as Zinc does [1] but trigger immune response [2] for what as alternative I am claiming now it could be circumvented by CBD indirectly ... ... I dont understand why people are not debating my CBD points, claiming just CBD is only useful for inflammation, Please are You seeing what I've posted in my previous post about IgG antibodies!? and again why You are hooking on m
  15. Macedonia Di Frutta ... look either You are not aware how studies work or intentionally You are derailing the discussion, otherwise You'll know that these studies are done with intention provoked inflammation i.e. the knockouts specific target are particular inflammation, altho its same with the sars-cov-2 where the rush is to be stopt hyperinflammation [1] also with m'rna editing its not attacked directly the virus but indirectly through provoking immune response in the body by vaccination, so I present the same approach but naturally and thats why I am wondering why You intentionally overloo
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