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  1. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    As tar's contradictions apply to this thread His electoral win was 46th out 58. It was one of the closer electoral wins in history. Claiming it was "substantial"is just another lie. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/12/18/us/elections/donald-trump-electoral-college-popular-vote.html Nope, already linked you Trump and Spicer specifically arguing about the physical crowd size. Arguing about tv ratings and etc was the pivot. How convenient. You see a virtue of sorts to his lying. Examples? The Senate voted in an overwhelmingly bipartisan manner (98-2) to sanctions Russia for what they did during the election and Trump has been sitting on those sanctions and casting doubts about what actually happened. You approved of that? What has Trump accomplished with regards to Syria or ISIS? What is Trump's actually policy regarding North Korea? Trump's talk is loud but what is the actual policy? I am not impressed by Trump saying the U.S. will retaliate if North Korea attacks; no duh. Lifestyles change all the time. I use to have a hard line phone, VHS player, and a tower based computer. The average person use to never travel further than 20 miles from the place of there birth in a lifetime. Fear of change is useless and feeding on that fear to justify stagnation always leads to trouble.
  2. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    tar posted the below illustration Jan 2016. It seems he was predicting his own future. democrat republican independent trump supporter http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/89809-what-is-americas-biggest-problem/?page=21&tab=comments#comment-902878
  3. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    Nope! Trump and his people where talking about in person.
  4. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    There is a very strange dichotomy at play between what people honestly understand vs what they honestly want. For example: David Duke is an American white supremacist, white nationalist, and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan yet denies being racist "I don't consider myself a racist, I don't hate other peoples, but I certainly want to preserve my own. And I think that's true of all people." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Duke David Duke understand that being racist is wrong so he denies that he is. I see this behavior all the time. People saying obviously racist things they insist they are not racist. In the case of what we see in this thread: Trump clearly denying climate change and tar claiming he didn't. There is a natural course correction which happens when one concedes they are doing something they shouldn't. In today's political environment many seem to be avoiding course correction by refusing to concede to obvious truths.
  5. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    Realities of life isn't this thread's topic. This thread is about the lack of truth/facts in Political discussion. Swansont ask you for a citation to support a position you were asserting fact. Death and taxes isn't an appropriate response.
  6. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    @ tar, nothing in your response to Swansont addresses your previous assertions. Swansont asked for citations from you to support your claims; not your philosophical views of government.
  7. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    The Acting Attorney General Sally Yates questioned the legality of the travel ban. Trump fired her for it. Courts then proved her right by blocking the ban. Trump's administration then sent the ban through a few rewrites before it was able to temporarily go into effect. I don't see that as an example of a "deep state" conspiracy. The travel ban as initially conceived was unconstitutional. Yates had provided Trump good counsel.
  8. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    Tar, you are in this thread posting about unsupported conspiracies. I have linked supporting info to every thing I have state. Start you own deep state thread. This isn't the place for it.
  9. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    Negative 1, you are citing a conspiracy for which you have no evidence. More over the Senate, Republican (Trump's party) controlled Senate, voted 98-2 to sanction Russia for their actions against us during the 2016 Election. This isn't even a partisan issue. As for the transfer of power Republicans controlled the house and Senate during the Obama administration and currently control every branch.
  10. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    My understanding (I do not work with solar) is that the intensity of light and duration of exposure are calculated. Some locations receive more direct light in the morning vs the afternoon and etc. Ideally panels should be located where light at its most powerful during the day is maximized. Solar panels are located where they will get the highest intensity for the longest duration of time and not merely where they will get light in general for the longest duration of time. Ultimately I think developing better storage is required. Using solar in real time isn't practical as using it via a battery.
  11. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    Trump clearly says that temperature will go up and will go down as it has done for millions of years;" it is called weather". The remark is totally dismissive of man made climate change. There is also the tweet where Trump says China created it and there are Trump's own Press Sec unwilling to clarify. You are dishonestly playing with Trump own words. This is the sort of behavior this thread is about. You can't even admit Trump says what he in fact says. That is the state of politics today. You want me to accept your personal understand of what Trump meant to say rather than what Trump clearly says. It is a nonstarter. Trump knowingly denies, casts doubts, or ignores (Trump seldom answers the same question the same way twice) climate change so not to burden the economic side of his argument. Is that when Mueller is investing, a joke? Paul Manafort wasn't indicted for a joke. Papadopolous isn't indicted for a joke. Don Trump Jr wasn't communicating with wikileaks about a joke and didn't meet with Russians to discuss a joke. Jared Kushner didn't exclude a joke from his security clearance application and exclude a joke from the emails he turned over to the senate intelligence committee. A joke isn't why the Attorney General recused himself from investigations relating to Russia.
  12. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    Those who can afford to do what is right should. As for the price the more alternatives are used better technologies and processes will be discovered and prices will fall. When flight was first developed only the wealthy could afford it. Same goes for everything from home computers to home A/C units. There was a time when only wealthy people could afford glass windows. Price points change rapidly. Lying about the downside to various technologies and processes is not useful to anyone. It doesn't help that billions of dollars have been invested to purposely confuse people. Those are billions of dollars which could have been invested in R&D or used to offset some of the extra cost so many fear are associated with alternative energy. You have worked with electronics and power distribution; as have I. We both know, I think, that enormous amounts of power is wasted. It is an aspect of this topic which is often overlooked. So often people get stuck debating the best ways to produce ever increasing amounts of energy to the exclusion of best practices for using energy. Which way a windows face in house or whether or not there are trees in a yard creating shade can make a big difference in how much heating or cooling a home needs. Location of windows and the types of surfaces in a home can greatly impact how much lighting is needed. There are many dimensions that can be discussed regarding the best way to use our resources while managing our economy.
  13. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    You are posting your own feelings about what you choose to accept. Trump has denied that human caused climate change and his spokes people refuse to clarify. His pivot is to discuss the economy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGEzFbRl-g8 At the one minute mark O'Reilly asks Trump specifically if he believes if humans impact climate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uJCrYuZ7yI The WH's Press Sec won't say whether or not Trump believes human impact climate. So you are basically saying that is order to find middle ground I must accept your denials and deflections? Trump has denied climate and has denied Russia hacking in his own words many times. I could spend the day copying you links. Your refusal to acknowledge what is so plainly and painfully true is a major barrier to middle ground.
  14. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    If you read the post I was responding to it was about jobs. The poster was saying that fear of losing employment was the issue. Your reply isn't addressing my post in context.
  15. Al Franken's funniest moment

    Perhaps Al Franken would have been better of calling the picture a "locker room" picture and bringing Roy Moore's accusers with him to a press conference? Obviously nothing others did or do justify Franken's actions. They were wrong. He is paying a price and will surely pay it in every election for the rest of his political career. That said I just hope those offended by Franken stay consistent. Being offended only by those decent enough to apologize mustn't become the status qou.