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SFN's New Moderators Thread


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I nominate DH. He seems very well-adversed in physics.

We accept!!! oh.. wait.. he already is a physics expert ;)


Just a pointer, when a member's nickname is green (instead of white) it means he's an expert. When it's blue, he's a mod. When it's red, he's an admin.


I wonder if we have that in the FAQ.. anyhoo, could be useful.

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It's because we're atheists, ydoaPs... As we both know, you can't get elected unless you praise Thor or worship FSM. ;)



Good choices yet again. Damn... I've hardly recovered from my hangover after celebrating the previous picks, but... I'll suck it up .... take one for the team... and I promise not to let the consequences of my previous inebriation get in the way of a new celebration this evening.


Good luck, both. :)

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