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  1. When I first encountered ydoaPs on the internet something like 10 years ago it was my immediate impression that he was the kind of responsible and mature person that would make a great father. Well okay that's a lie but good thing you waited for a while. Congratulations and good luck!
  2. Nothing more exciting than Capn linking the thread on IRC I'm afraid. I'm saying that because my future self told me not to tell anyone about the time machine. I'm mostly just on IRC these days, and the stuff I actually (occasionally) do is somewhat disconnected from hard science in general.
  3. Hi, I'm Gilded, SFN veteran and Finnish person extraordinaire. Pine trees are boring even for evergreens and basically the a-holes of the forest. Cutting them to pieces to make furniture and houses doesn't do much to change that. The whole acid thing indeed stems from a really old thread (like from 2005 or something) where I was curious about acids that could potentially burn their way through a pine table. The song/poem is a reference to The Simpsons, particularly
  4. Wow, just wow. Better start wearing white clothes I guess.
  5. Ikea Triforce: ▲ ▲ ▲ Soviet Triforce: ▼ ▼ ▼ Those are the only ones I know.
  6. Classy, let the lounging commence!
  7. "Swanson, Tom Swanson. Swoon before my high tech wristwatch that shoots a violent cascade of neutrinos that will go right through you. Literally."
  8. It was certainly a good excuse to envelop everything in darkness and listen to brutal drone music.
  9. I heard that I also heard that Voted for Picard though.
  10. That's pretty tame compared to what happened on deviantART... Twilight avatars and signatures everywhere, oh the horror! There was a hilarious one on the local newspaper about changing city area roadsigns to a more multicultural design, from this: to this: Oh you, religion! It's funny because it could be true. Political correctness gone mad and all that.
  11. Some good ones on World of Warcraft. I especially liked this. Also, if you like 4chan's /v/ you might want to check out their background music...
  12. [04:15] <+Sylar> John, Gilded once brought up a good question: In your experience, is it EVER lupus? [04:15] <@John> once [04:15] <@John> lupus nephritis
  13. About the intelligence thing, I for one would like to see squids top this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8408233.stm PS. "Is Cthulhu related particularly to squids or some other cephalopod?"
  14. Space, time? Roflmao! Also, snow still on ground here. No job; holidays!
  15. I heartily recommend this. PS. And after the thousand years, Satan will be released from what was his name, the Emperor whose wife cuckolded him a wall made by a plumb line, with a plumb the jet's tongue had dulled and there was some dim
  16. Oh yum, magic cheese! Found in the undergarments of many a man.
  17. Antimatter is visible just like "normal" matter and surprisingly well understood, no need to mystify it like it's some alien scifi concept. The thing is though, it annihilates when it encounters its antiparticle and that's basically why it doesn't really accumulate in large quantities. Read up on it. Stay safe kids, and lay off the pipe.
  18. Yo SFN, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Gilded has one of the best holiday avatars of all time, of all time! Super awesome holidays to one and all!
  19. Some select quotes from Capn's bot, Duration (warning, contains some pretty heavy stuff): [03:28] <Duration> I cannot think of for the binding site will launch officially to the point that i think i was doing some jobs and subsequently lose their dm in mirror image ring in the second you try to keep religion out of amino acids to produce genes cannot occur until there are african prostitutes that sleep is required to be well in post volume. [03:42] <+Gilded> Duration: Do androids dream of electric sheep? [03:43] <Duration> At the same plasmid with the electric and the evidence against it, sheep farmers are famous for there 'relationships" with sheep. [03:49] <+Gilded> Duration: Porn. [03:49] <Duration> Redtube free gay porn. [03:49] <+Munga> So there's a slight chance that it might form a coherent though? [03:50] <+Munga> ... [03:50] <+UnintentionalChaos> yes [03:50] <&Capn_Refsmmat> It's not one of the ones that learns that "pie is tasty" and eventually responds "tasty" whenever pie is said [03:50] <+Munga> It's also a homosexual. [03:50] <&Capn_Refsmmat> And a very nice response there [03:50] <&Capn_Refsmmat> Yes [06:23] <+UnintentionalChaos> duration: your penis? [06:23] <Duration> My ability to infer and perform this type of shielding could be anywhere independant of where it is composed of a clock and star clock switch roles, the earth radiates the heat needed to make your penis bigger. [06:27] <+Gilded> Duration: Death [06:27] <Duration> There is no drawing force at the top of that, its death is surprisingly arbitrary. [04:04] <+UnintentionalChaos> duration: bacon is made of jesus [04:04] <Duration> For example, in the event that it will provide you enough and have a gay jesus and a gay jesus and a motor.
  20. In all honesty German people thought Hitler would make a very nice leader that would give chocolate chip cookies to everyone. True story! PS. Godwin'd.
  21. Don't give credit to me for that though, it's an ancient universal truth. Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, it's not gay if balls aren't touching. PS. The balls are inert.
  22. That Finnish text reads like it's from some beginner's physics textbook and the fission progression series seems quite arbitrary.
  23. Gilded

    Making music

    I'd like to add that if you actually want to play back or render the music from notes to WAV or MP3 with very realistic brass, string, woodwind, guitar etc. sounds you're pretty much going to need sample libraries (recordings of the actual instruments). These can be huge (several DVDs worth of samples) and often cost hundreds of euros. These aren't really worth buying unless you're really committed to more classical or soundtrack music.
  24. Gilded

    Making music

    Reason is awesome. I find it much more intuitive than other softwares like FL Studio or Cubase. It doesn't have VST (virtual studio technology) instrument support though, but it doesn't really need to. I do most of my composing on Reason, and use Acid Pro for final edits and mastering.
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