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  1. meh..and i thought i could take (reputation: poor)'s virginity.. i can see you've passed that point long ago..

  2. Klaplunk


    (Gravity + Light)^2 = Universe That's why you can predict the alignment, and relate our day cycle to the original binary.
  3. Yeah that was me - it's just claiming that everything has attraction with each other, that's all. Everything is binary, just a life-force binary. I've been banned it seems for knowing the truth. I'm not the only one who's warey of it now. It's out there.
  4. Excuse me for asking but if you had to explain what a pion was using simple terms, what would it be? I'm not educated in this subject.
  5. Klaplunk

    god word

    the 2-dimensional thinking god, the one who is only good, without the other halve which can be good/evil (balanced/unbalanced). With the power to make a decision. God is all knowing, while we are all knowing human knowledge, unessicary knowledge. God is all knowing because god knows the truth, how we're meant to act. a.Drink b.Eat c.Breathe Truth d. See e. Feel f. Breed 3rd Dimension Truth It's just a concious being that can make a choice - like a computer, simple - 2D intelligence. The 2D intelligence already knows of the equation, all knowing, it knows where the end is. It's time. Time is God, time isn't a dimension, it's from 1 step to another. This is what I believe the bible is trying to explain, as well as the symbol. God is in a childs image, neither man nor woman. binary, we're all made of it, 3D binary. example, binary, face - 01010 -010 --1 that
  6. Let there be light? Add another singularity to the equation. We are gods, we are essentially in gods image, alike god, we choose, we can make the choice to 'do' something. We are in Gods image, holy shit the bible is right. Ok. This will be my last post on this topic. I have proved to ->myself, that God exists. This is my voyage, I wanted to convince myself a God exists, I have. I believe the bible over another book - succesful. I'm not going to discuss it, or debate it any longer. If it's not good enough to talk about now, then it will never be. So, I apoligize and now I'm going to be more scientific. Drink Eat Breathe ...See/sense (know its there) Feel Control Sleep Everyone talks shit. Relaying numbers at each other, in the form of words, like this: Me: 0000000000000000 0 0 0 0 000 000000000 You: 000 0 000 00 000 000000000000 00 00 0 When really we should be focusing on getting food, getting drink, breathing, seeing/sensing, feeling, then sleeping to regain energy. 7 days? 1st day gather water, 2nd day gather gather food, 3rd take a good breath, 4th day take a good look at what you got, 5th day, munch it, 6th day, control your food and drink, and your feelings, and your sight - 7th day, sleep. This way of life.... It's good, it's reality now, it works, why care? Not true though, so when they tell you things they've learned about space, they're telling you porkies. You're being treated like fruit, just runnin around, buying shit, alcohol, watching tv (like me now), talking a load of numbers to you, and because you're attracted to it, you're a 0, too, you accept it. Sound, LOL I'm not scared of anything! It's the education that induces most fears. A un-educated human would fear nothing - just work of instinct, live without any fears, encounter anything forcefully, attack or defend, run/stay. Addreniline is 'good'..., not bad. Fear is knowledge - academa is what you get your knowledge from. 2012 is the year of revolutions, people realize the truth OR.... sun explodes orgains full attraction. We are offically dissing God, and driving God to fuck off, thats the point of a 0000011 combination chain, either full 00000000 or 11111111. That's Gods choice.
  7. Right. What is it that exists in space that isn't a planet or a black hole OR what the two have caused, e.g rocks in space, etc, etc. My idea is, space is like a binary lifeforce, binary attraction. For example: Magnets. Rather than us exploring the planets, and travelling through space, we should take a look at the bigger picture. Gravity keeps light together. Why can it not be light and gravity keep each other together. We have + and - with gravity and light, there for each planet and sun/star is a 0. Duality. Then we have black holes, which induce the spin between the two OR they spin from each others magnet-like effect. I came up with the idea in school about have a gear of magnets, and a magnet that would spin them. What if the gears were hundreds of spheres. This won't work, however it's a good example of what point I'm making. Then you add the singularity option, the option to only attract, no repent. Think of it as 1 x magnet, that was plus/minus. You add that to the equation and we're getting somewhere. The other magnets are attracted to the singularity, but attracted to each other. So we have a binary that looks somewhat like this: Essentailly this would prove christianity right and science wrong, because the symbol is the lowest form of the religion.
  8. I don't understand how you cannot see the simillarity. Firstly, the core of planets, secondly black holes. Black holes are 100% mass or what ever, and they are singularities as they do not expand, rather impand(? /care). The planets expand, into a sphere shape. So we have 0 - planet and 1 - black hole. Singularity, Duality. Also, Light. It seems to beam out, where as gravity sucks in. Are you sure Light and Gravity are not 'masculine/feminine'.
  9. Klaplunk

    god word

    Wouldn't breathing be eating/drinking? You're inhaling what surrounds you. Please breathe would be part of Gods word, I forgot that. God breathed the breath of life into us, so I'm not sure, if breathing just comes with the package. Not breathing would be the choice, breathing is essentially the easy option. We think anyway, if we don't think then we die, but we haven't got a choice in that, so it's not related. We can live and not communicate, animals do it, and we're far more intelligent and capible than them. We're essentially mammels, poisoned with word. Whether it's good poison or not is up to you, but at the end of the day, the only rules we as humans have to follow is eat, drink, breed, breathe - as gasses come from liquids + solids, breathing is just a mixture of eating and drinking; although obviously the process is not quite the same. The only part of the world giving me other rules and organization is the government, giving us a false sense of freedom. That's not my rules, and it's not the rules of God. The rules of God is survive, and surviving is the list of things I described. There's more survival neccessities but the most obvious and main ones are the ones listed. Two girls came up to me today, one started chatting, and I paused her half way through, and I said "What are you saying? You're talking s***" and carried on walking to my house. I'm not human at the moment, a human doesn't sit in a house skibbling on paper or on a computer - We survive.
  10. That's funny because I see the simillarity.
  11. Klaplunk

    god word

    Well. If we don't eat, we die. If we don't drink, we die. If we don't breed, we die. Everything else is purely up to us. So essentially, the 'rules' of life, the ones the 'creator' set for us, is eat, drink, breed, and don't - as the creator gives us the option to choose whether to do any of them. They are the rules of life, there is no other rule, apart from government and academa forced rules. If there was no government, there would be chaos, but the strongest gene-pool/people would survive, and would rein and control the land - the chaos would end, and the people who are truly strong and fit to cope with nature would do so. I see strong simillarities in people. People who act just like other people, but hold no relation. If there was no academa/government, would these people feel more attracted to make friends with each other? For the record: I was never debating, I was discussing. I assumed prior knowledge, that I wouldn't have to explain things so in-depth. Come on, if it can't be explained simply, then it's useless.
  12. Yeah okay I'm wrong, but do you see the simillarity between binary and space?
  13. Klaplunk


    True. Gravity is literally what keeps everything together. The attraction, the spin, everything. Maybe gravity and 'time' aren't so different. Is it fair to say that without Gravity there would not be time?
  14. The way space looks, if you look from far away. It looks like 3D binary. Spheres and Singularities. So it looks similar to binary. I think it's a philosiphical way to describe space. I wanted to put it on the boards but didn't know where, so I put it here. I thought you would notice the similarity. e=10^2, I put that because it's not literal binary, but a 3D version. I was drunk when I made those threads last night - I just wrote what came to my head. The card thread was made cause I was playing cards and for the whole time I was just adding up numbers. I'm so inspired by science/maths at the moment that all I want to do is see patterns in anything. I won poker. I wrote the Gods word because really all we're meant to do is Eat, Drink, Breed. The rest is up to us. This was just me thinking of the planets as a whole, rather than each planet. I have weird thoughts, I'm hoping that one day I might have a thought that means something.
  15. Klaplunk

    god word

    ... God asks us "Please Eat" - For if we don't we die, but it's a choice we can make, we don't have to eat. God asks us "Please Drink" - For if we don't we die, but it's a choice we can make, we don't have to drink. God asks us "Please Breed" - For if we don't we die, but it's a choice we can make, we don't have to breed. God asks us "Please Don't" - For we don't have to 'do' anything.
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