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  1. No they don't orbit the nuclei of atoms. They instead exist as a cloud around the nucleus, due to the wave distribution of probability. So they do not orbit, but exist in all places around the nucleus.
  2. Well, ok. There isn't many. ................................. What??? My work consists of 127 pages, what makes you think i have the kind of time to check every post?
  3. You can take stuff out of me, But if you fill me up, i never get full... What am I?
  4. Tom Vose


    ............................................. Ok, i am yet to see what this infraction is for, but so much for digging that hole, eh YT? Not that this is a very admirable victory, but i feel the action of changing it for another post, is really simply to save the reputation of the moderator. Ok, how does one offer evidence here... i could give you my house number, and that way you can hear my voice, and then i could also give you Toms' mobile if you want to hear his? Would that be sufficient evidence for his grace? ......................... I would like to know which post i have been infracted for this time.
  5. Tom Vose


    The infractions i refer to, are the two i recieved concerning my behaviour here at science forums. If i have been in error before in the past, then why so much pus$y-footing around me? Why not just have punished me for other offenses if indeed, it was called for? The reason why it never, is because i haven't breached any other rule here, apart from two others: One for trolling, the same label you gave my infraction for, and another, for foul language, which i more or less feel bad about, because i can usually contain myself quite well. So, the latter here you speak of -- is really a straw man, because unless you just wit up on your behaviour, and admit i never lied, i haven't exactly continued to do anything.
  6. Tom Vose


    But you must see as you have Paranoia, that i can't be in the wrong, and have merely been targeted by someone who straight down the line, doesn't like me very much. Plus, i don't think my posts are all bad. The greater part of them keep their original places, serving their own good.
  7. I will to my best in the future. This thread was actually intended to be an apologetic thread, not a flame war against me. By the way, i made a complaint about this post, and how does one know if something has been done? I don't think freely calling people idiots is good ettiquette, but purely condescending and insultive.
  8. Tom Vose


    It's not, are you calling me a liar? You are the one who was in the wrong, and sir, you are the one caught out in error. You have reacted irrationally, and not very professionally at all in your moderating. It is you sir who should be ashamed, for i am not a liar, nor did i lie on the account you claimed i had. I call for my infraction to be retracted as soon as possible, because this is outragous.
  9. Tom Vose


    Well, no... i wasn't going to respond again here, but this subtly corresponds to my previous thread which was deemed to complicated to the OP. Whilst it is technically true that the big bang is the origin of energy, it goes deeper, where the true origin of energy is revealed as the zero-point energy field, rather than some application of a singular region.
  10. Tom Vose


    But he signed up for me. Nothing wrong in that, because he was exploring this place. I have done nothing wrong. So technically, he used his own name. I simply use his account.
  11. Tom Vose


    Well, i remember reading recently, that if you could collect all the gold in the world, it would only be enough to fill three entire football stadiums. A Newton has about the same weight as a Granny Smith Apple, and that would be like a nugget on a good day in the American Rocky Mountains.
  12. Tom Vose


    Offenses, however, that i have paid for, for other infractions. I am being targeted simply, and this infraction was uncalled for, and equally unjustified. Thank you, and can i clear something up. I never exactly lied about the account either. I am not Tom Vose, i use his account. I am his flat mate, so the bebo page is not mine. How is he correct, unless of course, the rules have been modified just for me so that i may be punished twice for something? As i said, i have been punished already, and this attitude of, ''well, since we aren't right this time, you can still suffer for all the past indiscretions,'' is simply unfair, and i am sure it is a breach of the sacred rules.
  13. Saying they have a degree in science is premature, i would have thought, but not the label scientist, because they do engage in scientific studies, and by definition, makes them a scientist.
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