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  1. All neurons are myelinated with the single exception of C fibres. These are very small diameter 'primary afferent' polymodal fibres associated with detection of temperature change, noxious cold and noxious heat. Along with A-Delta fibres, C fibres are often called 'pain fibres' (C fibres are associated specifically with 'slow pain'; the burning, aching and diffuse pain that comes after some trauma. Being small diameter and non-myelinated, they have very slow conduction rates, about 0.5 to 2m per second, compared to say, large, myelinated motor neurons which conduct at around 300 - 400 metres p
  2. I saw this and wonder why you were impressed. Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya) is not a clever man.
  3. It is a lot more complicated than that. At the most basic level, morality involves such things as the hard-wired characteristics evolved by social animals in order to function adaptively as social animals. One of these characteristics is empathy (which is also a part of the learning mechanism in humans); we can put ourselves into the position of another and imagine what it would be like in their situation. We have the neurological mechanism for this in the form of mirror neurnons. However, empathy in based upon personal experience (as is the function of mirror neurons). This most basic com
  4. it would be hard to do since unlike most animals, plants and plant matter also have the capacity to become indefinitely dormant. Seeds for example are not alive in the strict sense. They are 'viable' and can remain so for a very long time. Willow is a good example. Fence posts mafe from willow, if they are 'rustic' (i.e. do not have the bark and cambium layer stripped from them) can throw out new shoots after being hammered into the ground (i.e. replanted) months after they have been cut. This actually recreates a from of propogation that the willow has evolved. Other plants (e.g. the
  5. It's a Surinam toad (Pipa pipa).
  6. The perception of the word 'condition' is primed by the pronunciation of the word 'stable', which has a West Midlands/Birmingham inflection so that the whole phrase 'Stable condition' sounds like it was spoken by someone from around Birmingham. Not as strong as say, Walsall or Dudley, but more like wolverhampton or Nuneaton. Most British accents emphasise the second syllable in that word. Does it matter? Yes. I've been there and it's quite discernable, but I was only there for a month, so I couldn't tell who was from where. The person I was with could though. She could identify people's
  7. I just listened to it. It is very good (sounds a bit like Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow), but not quite convincing (to a British ear) because, although there is no Australian (I don't know where the others are getting that), there is a subtle but unnatural mix of dialectic influence and inflection. By unnatural, I mean a mix that is internally inconsistent (i.e. contradicts itself) and wouldn't naturally occur. I'll give you a breakdown from the perspective of somebody who was raised from birth with three different languages (and so has a very sensitive ear, never having lost the ability to per
  8. No, it isn't. Even if it was, that would not constitute a pandemic, merely an acute localised outbreak.
  9. Be my guest. It's dissapointing how useful it is in teaching these days
  10. Well, there are mid-point arguments, for example, the idea of reciprocal determinism which is one of the central priciples in Health Psychology. This is the principle that we are both producers and products of our environment. Environment does, to a large degree, determine behaviour. However, we maintain 'executive control' (i.e. we can override primary behavioural urges).
  11. It's what I keep telling my students. "The fact of publication in a peer reviewed journal is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for citing the work of others. You should actually read it and not persist in trying to bypass your brain entirely".
  12. I don't think so. The statement "If the question is between either free will or determinism then determinism wins. is conditional. The statement 'IF it is between A and B then B wins' is not the same as saying 'the choice IS between A and B'.
  13. It is true that in general, some physicians are beginning to question the wisdom of prescribing medication that ultimately serves only to suppress the body's own defence mechanisms. People have got so used to the 'there's a pill for everything so I never need to suffer approach that millions are spent each year on pallitative medicines for trivial illness (cough, colds etc.) that do not cure the illness but merely suppress the symptoms. However, coughing, sneezing and dribbling are all reparative and protective mechanisms and are the body's way of clearing out the detritus of infection.
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