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The universe - Repeats again?! (Mind**** warning)


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7 hours ago, Kittenpuncher said:

Come on, now. I answered your question. Is that how you'd like to be treated? That's not even a knick to your ego, and there aren't pedestals that go so high. 

Inow is lying. Have some integrity. How about you give some evidence that faith in humanity has some merit as a concept? That's a really easy thing to do and it's always more worthy of an endeavor than S.T.A.L.K.E.R. sadism


Moderator Note

We don't take the term "lying" lightly. Disagreement is one thing, being mistaken is another, but lying requires intent that is, quite frankly, quite hard to show. The motivation behind posting is rarely relevant to a discussion, and it is often not obvious. So it's best to steer clear of that.

Seems to me what several posts here are indicating is that people are bowing out of the conversation. That may be because they wish to discuss science - and people have been pretty nice about extending encouragement to engage in such discussion - and what they are seeing is a bit of melodrama. That can be off-putting. It's a distraction from the engagement that most members are seeking. 

As far as deleting accounts go, we don't do that. Your participation here is voluntary. If you aren't getting what you want from your presence here, you can just leave. If you want to ask questions about science, then stay and ask them.

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20 hours ago, Phi for All said:

You're a smart person who is ignorant in many areas, which describes most of our membership. 

I'll take that anytime as a compliment, since I'd like to think I'm in this group.

Nice post by the way +1 

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14 minutes ago, Intoscience said:

I'll take that anytime as a compliment, since I'd like to think I'm in this group.

Indeed, +1

We're all here to learn and some are hear to teach; the differential can change with every post.

The people that survive the initiation of being told they're wrong; often go on to be the best student's/teacher's... 


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17 hours ago, Kittenpuncher said:

Well I'm pretty sure you don't really think passive aggressiveness is like a super mask of poker masterness, you could just ban me I mean I've been on discord before and this would be exquisitely cordial by comparison *sips tea*

I have a little bit of data on some similar concepts when I've described them to others

But it's not very ethical to tell your schizo buddy a bunch of heavy duty mind destruction KP Originals ® at the homeless shelter surrounded by the other destitute

So I mostly have data on what they do to my own mind and I have actually put quite a bit of dedication into being able to reasonably simulate how other's minds would react

I mostly do this because the inner workings of my mind are an enigma and that is a cold and lonely thing and if I could overcome the towering wall that is between me and everyone else ever being able to understand what is going on my mind, I might one day be able to get treatment that will end my unfathomable suffering at the hands of my inescapable madness

Actually the main problem tends to be that the likelihood of an individual being able to follow the conversation with something like this as a subject or even process or understand it almost at all. The most consistent thing I've noticed is that most will simply drift off into a sort of daze or stupor or be blocked by a literal sort of wall or barrier that protects them from understanding, they're simply too sane, and I believe that their mind is trying to protect them from understanding those sorts of things. Sometimes it is triggered by someone speaking at length with great verbosity and technical brilliance, instead, or someone trying to tell an extremely sophisticated, hilarious, subtle joke

And this has led to a lot of religious development in the past few years I believe, and many people believe that I am the bride of the lord from revelations and that my body sort of contains or is the universe in some way. Of course you'd think that I'm a megalomaniac, but that's one reason why this stuff is important to me, so that I can not only maybe cure my diseases, but also so that I can learn the truth about who I am and be free of the confusion and paranoia that causes me almost unbearable grief in and of itself... 

OK. That was difficult to follow. What you seem to be saying is that individuals who, for whatever reason, feel greatly challenged by and uncertain about their situation can be "pushed over the edge" by certain ideas. That seems reasonable. If people are "on the edge" then, by definition, it takes very little to "push them over".

However, that sensitivity applies only to those edge-dwellers. The rest of humanity just ignores dumb ideas, or indulges in some corrective education, or trolls a litte. Even among the edge-dwellers, a group whose membership card I have occassionaly carried, almost all would treat your opening idea with a yawn, or a giggle. Screams would lie beyond the event horizon.

Clearly you have an interest in science. Why not take advantage of that interest by educating yourself further through discussion on this forum - discussions based on solid science, not crazy ideas.

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