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Which category of science is the best?


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Chem Phys and Bio, each has an overlap of similarity in parts, a reasonable level of Maths ability is required (esp for Chem and phys).


it really all depends where you want to go ultimately. but get your basics 1`st, Maths and English.


and forget what Ruherford said, he`s dead anyway, besides, a fortune can be made by Stamp Collecting ;)

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Bleurch! phisics :P


By that I mean there are thirty one classes of science today. Which one class is the best, so if you decided to switch majors could you easily change without to much trouble
if your looking to leave your options open, id stick with one of the strait disiplins -- biology, chemistry or phisics.


Youd have less trouble switching from biology to one of the narrower disiplins than, for example, from genetics to marine biology.


biochemistry could also be a good bet.

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Chemistry is the best! BIology is just chemistry applied to living organisms.
chemistry is just lifeless biology. :P


seriously, even from a strictly chemistry POV, biochemistry is far more interesting than regular chemistry, with the single exeption of life-forms rather booring tendancy to refuse to explode.

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Biology is a depressant.... physics will rule the world!


Nah' date=' it really comes down to [b']what you like and what you are good at[/b].


silly opinions aside.


he`ll not know WHAT he likes until he tries or WHAT he`s good at for same reason.


anyway, you`ve had your say already, so Hush! :)

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I believe every science subject has its own interesting and usefulness aspects of it. Otherwise, it will not exist in the first place, will it?


Physics, the study of energy interactions, seems to be most fundamental aspect, but does not translate, in an apparent way, to our everyday life (Consider cosmology, high energy particle physics - do they have anything to do with your everyday life?)


Chemistry - the study of electron interactions - seems to to relate most to our everyday life, but have a string of bad publicity - chemical pollution, not to mention recent scare on WMD.


Biology - the study of living organisms - seems to confine almost entirely on planet Earth, albeit an important one.


How about engineering?

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Biology is so superior Chemistry and deffinitely Physics. Physics contradicts itself too much, whereas Chem and Bio remain fairly constant.





Biology, is an study of uncertain and statistics, and contradictions.


I cant belive your comment is real.


Can you provide us with some examples?

(REAL examples)

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