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  1. When a magnet is placed directly over a super conductor it will display properties of levitation. If the magnet is removed, the super conducting material will still display these properties. This is known as the flux trapping effect. My question is how do you reset the super conductor to its original state. Is it as simple as raising the temperate above the material's critical temperature? Also is there any way to avoid the flux trapping altogether and have a material that is purely diamagnetic?
  2. We All Know That Most Mammals Produce Their Own Vitamin C. My Question Is, What Would Happen If There Was A Proto-virus Created That Reenabled The Almost Fully Intact Pseudo-gene Present In The Human/primate Genome For Vitamin C Synthesis? Sorry About The Format Of My Post.
  3. I posted this link in another thread. Now if the price of nanotubes would drop... http://lees.mit.edu/lees/posters/RU13_signorelli.pdf "Our analysis shows that the utilization of a matrix of vertically aligned CNTs as electrode structure, can lead to an ultra capacitor characterized by a power density greater than 100kW/kg, a lifetime longer than 300,000 cycles, and an energy density higher than 60Wh/kg."
  4. Molotov


    Some of these might make it possible. http://lees.mit.edu/lees/posters/RU13_signorelli.pdf
  5. True about the radiation but I don't think it would be that big of deal. What it boils down to is that in a binary system the closer you get to the star the greater chance there is of finding a planet that hasn't been flung out of the system.
  6. Molotov


    Capacitors or batteries. Though a handheld unit is probably not possible with todays technology.
  7. Molotov


    Try a laser to ionize a path in the air and a giant tesla coil to produce the electrcity.
  8. Possibly because the habitable zone of B is further away from the instability zone giving it a better chance of containing a planet within the habitable zone. I think both A and B should top the list because of the close proximity of the system to our own. If we actually find a habitable planet around either one it wouldn't be an impossibility to send probes and eventually go there.
  9. If you have a cure for cancer why not post it here.
  10. This is akin to asking what is the "frame rate" of the universe. If time moves along as frames in the linear 4th dimension we could possibly determine its speed. Lets do a thought experiment. Imagine a single hydrogen atom floating in space. Now look at its electron zooming around the nucleus at the speed of light. This electron is moving incredibly fast but is limited in speed by c. Now lets view this from a different perspective. Imagine viewing this atom with its electron spinning at the speed of light from the perspective of time. That is, break the event up into frames and spread it along a time line. If we can figure out how many frames are in one second we would know the speed of time. Again lets take a look at this electron. In one second it will have traveled an incredible distance of 299,792,458 meters around its nucleus. And in 1 meter of travel .00000000333 seconds will have elapsed. Now lets look at plank's length. Supposedly this represents the smallest distance something can move from one position to another. If our electron moves one plank would this not represent one "frame"? So all we need to do now is figure how many plank lengths an object moving at the speed of light will traverse in one second. Plank length is about 1 x 10^(-34) meters Speed of light is about 3 x 10^8 m/sec (10^34 plank lengths in a meter) x (3 x 10^8) ~ 3.0 × 10^42 In one second an object at the speed of light will move 3.0 x 10^42 plank lengths. So we can say the universal frame rate(or speed of time) is 3.0 x 10^42 frames per second. Someone correct me if im way off.
  11. Molotov


    Nutmeg is worthless, I wouldnt attempt a psychoactive dose. If your going to do it anyway I would read over this first. http://www.erowid.org/plants/nutmeg/ Also from Wikipedia.
  12. This is known as the transit method but its not the only method used to detect and gather information about extra solar planets. According to wikipedia there are 7 total methods. Pulsar timing, astrometry, radial velocity, gravitational microlensing, transit method, the study of circumsteller disks, and direct observation. From what I know the most common method as of today is using radial velocity to detect the wobble of a star as the planet revolves around it. If a planetary system does not exist in a similar plane as our own the transit method becomes useless.
  13. Is it possible by using magnetic field blocking materials to build a motor that runs only on permanent magnets? Say you have metal shaft supported by two bearings on each end. In the middle of this shaft is a permanent magnet with the north side facing out and the south side facing inward toward the shaft. Right across from the magnet on the shaft is another larger permanent magnet that is encased in a magnetic shielding material. Part of this shield can open like a valve to let the large magnetic repulse the magnet on the shaft and then close as the magnet passes around again. Here is an animation to better describe what I just typed. ?
  14. Synthetic ascorbic acid is a racemic mixture while natural is the L form.
  15. http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/ss01/bioavailability.html
  16. How about a compressed air launcher, something like a potato gun. Should be relatively cheap and easy to build.
  17. Yeah, Callipygous has it pretty much covered. I'll add that the under the green heatsink is the northbridge chip. It controls the memory and AGP bus. And the small brown slot is an audio/modem riser slot. Its part of the PCI bus and is usually used for cheap software based modems. I don't recommend using it because it will kill your PC's performance.
  18. The two main actives in Tylenol PM are acetaminophen(tylenol) and diphenhydramine(weak anti-cholinergic/histamine). Dosages of 2500mg+ acetaminophan can damage your liver, especially if combined with alcohol. Dosages reaching 250mg of diphenhydramine will make you delerious and hallucinate. You should be fine if you only took 6. I've known idiots who take around 10 to get "high" and they survived.
  19. I don't agree with it being mandatory but more people should be educated about the benefits of immunizing their children. Also the preservative thimerserol should be replaced with a less toxic alternative .
  20. You can get compressed nitrogen cheap from paintball shops. Get an oxygen sensor and wire it up so that it activates a solenoid on the N2 tank when oxygen levels are too high and when the levels are too low have it activate a fan venting atmosphere into the tent. Maybe invest in an additional sensor and have it activate an alarm if the amount of oxygen in the tent drops to dangerous levels.
  21. What form is the best to take? Ive always heard taking plain ascorbic acid won't give you much benefit because it loses its bioavability with time.
  22. Does there exist a limit to which a cargo carrying aircraft can be scaled up in size? For example: The Cessna 421 has a wingspan of 12m, a length of 10m, and a maximum take-off weight of 3103kg. This a common private plane. The Mcdonnell Douglass DC-9 has a wingspan of 28m, a length of 40m, and a maximum take-off weight of 55,000kg. This is a standard US military transport aircraft. The Antonov 225 has a wingspan of 89m, a length of 84m, and a maximum take-off weight of 600,000 kg. Only one exists. It was built by the soviets for thier space program that collapsed with the end of the cold war. Anyone can see the scale moving up largely between these similarly engineered aircraft. My question... is there anything keeping us from going larger? If we built an airstrip the size of a large city, how far would the laws of physics allow us to keep scaling up the size of our aircraft? Is it feesable with today's technology to build an aircraft say twice the size of the Antonov 225? Could we someday be living on flying cities gracefully skimming through the stratosphere?
  23. While we're at it, lets euthanize all the politicians too. They waste more tax money than the handicapped.
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