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  1. well, lots of people claim that it dosen't work. They always say its strings or something else basically they belive its a hoax. To answer how usefull it is we'll really need to put in some research by using goverment funding and etc. But lift tech. has been dismissed by most of the scientific community for some reason or another which means that reasearch on this topic is very slow.
  2. I'm just wondering what everyone thinks about lifter tech. In case you don't know what i'm talking about just go to google and search up "lifter" there are tons of sites to explain it. I personally belive it. I'm currently building my own lifter but i'm having trouble finding a powerfull energy source.
  3. --------- Sorry for the thread, just found an amazing website with lots of info. Sorry again.
  4. which university? I'd suggest something like the effect of magnetic fields on plants. It's a pretty interesting thing, i'm helping my friend with the experiment and some interesting things are happening. Makes me worried about the people living next to large magnetic fields though.
  5. That is what i was thinking of when i said "i heard...", i belive it ended with the reason behind the tingling sensation was because of the nerves on the spinal cord or something along those lines.
  6. ummm...about the "not-being-able-to-crack-for-15-min"thing, i can crack both of my thumbs like 10 times in a row, then if i stop crack the other, i can come back and crack the first another 10 times and the cycle repeats. Btw for bloodhound about the learning the neck/back thing. I strongley suggest not doing it. Since i've found out that i could crack them, my neck and back hurt so damn much! Also you wont be able to stop cracking them easily and i've heard that cracking the neck/spine could lead to unwanted problems. Btw whats the verdict? Is hand cracking bad for you? There seems to be evidence going both ways so im kinda stuck in the middle and wondering what's your verdict?
  7. ok, i find that scary that you could buy nuclear stuff on the net. Those arent weapon grade right?
  8. ph paper...are those the little white rectangular papers?
  9. umm....just wondering, any1 know how to make a homebuilt ph testing device?
  10. umm...i belive that the real question should be WHY? vote bush?
  11. thanks for all the help, but i've finnaly decided to do a smiple test. See the affects of diffrent ph levels on the pea plants. I liked the shrinking idea, but i dont want to live with the plants for too long just a month or two shoudl do it, they are gonna be in my bedroom so i dont want to waste tooo much space.
  12. oooo i like the slight poison idea, eh im bored plus it can probably get me a bonus point in bio class. Can you suggest a type of poison? I can't do anything that gives out radiation really since the plants would be inside the house, and i do plan to have kids someday.
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