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  1. True YT, true. Hehehe I'm 23 now.
  2. Simple: The space is infite, the universe is discrete.
  3. well, in my childhood i tryied that with the only porpuse of making it explode into water. after some 3 years, i stopped that and started using nitroglicerin.
  4. Well for the ubuntu users i suggest the page, linuxisforbitches.com i am (was or something alike) a slackware user. In ubuntu you do not really apreciate the speed of linux and makes you a lazy and slow user. in the console in slackware i can configure up the net in 6 seconds including typing the command, in ubuntu-redhat-fedora-suse-madrake you would last about 3 seconds in searching in the menus for the net configuration utility. belive me, mouse is not a fast tool, it's just a little "comfortable". I'm recently moving to FreeBSD because, its more bold, and hell quick. And supports plenty (most) linux appz.
  5. As far as i know, no virus can really **** a computer up. And i really mean it, they can make a mess that's true. But only if the components are really low qualit they may hurt themselves. But directly a virus cannot make any harm to the hardware. At least i can say it surely for modern laptops (that obviously have high quality components). They cannot do anything unreversible or nothing that can't be solved. And for the case of the bios flashes and cmos stuff, in most computers if the cmos is ****ed up, the still run after some 2 minutes. and well some bios flashes were made cheap, so they only supported 2 flashes so if you **** the 2nd flash then the computer is "irreparable" or you could replace the chip but i don't think you can. But that mistake is not precisaly a software damagind components, because event own mistakes like using damaged disk containing the bios updates, could make this. But in modern computers suck like 2000 --> i am almost sure this won't happen. that's it.
  6. Well, its licence not lisence. In the other hand if you develop a program, you create the licence you want. If you use some standard licences like open source ones. Then this foundations may help you in case of patent problems. If i understand this question right, then the answer is that you can sue the end user. The licence is more like a consetion contract or something with rules. As software is not precisely a product (for masses). then you can't sell it, what you do is to give premissions for use of the ones who have a end user licence. For example microsoft can't really sue you for having 1000 copies of microsoft windows xp cd, because you argue that are for backup, but they can sue you by having one cd copy installed in 2 machines using the same licence.
  7. yeah, i was expecting some numbers
  8. Have you run java appz, outside a virtual machine? (in a real environment) In the other hand, Java seems to be better at concurrency. (threads)
  9. Which animals have what could be considered to possess emotional faculties? if you meant irritability, all living organisms, if you meant emotion as something mmm mental. then all the animals with brain.
  10. Java Useless?, excuse me but Java its pretty much powerfull. Windows if its your case, is the problem. Real Basic is for Amateurs as you said. But try to get some more info about java, cause java its pretty strong.
  11. Hmmmmmm look, if you talk about IRC; and use mIRC, mirc has the ability to catch word,a and send out a text when it identifies it, you are the one that select which words easy as that. (its the bot principle, just that some new shell bots, are more programs that scripts theirselfs)
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