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  1. yup! all done!! except for one question; but i have all night to do that!
  2. Well, how about burning diamond? I think that may relate to my topic...
  3. Sure, Ophiolite, the question is: "your presentation must include the use of chemical equations to help explain your chosen topic" To fulfil the criteria it must be: "Related to the topic, novel, not over complicated, numerous concepts supported, well integrated and explained" DQW, that sounds great! I'll look into that thanks!!!
  4. Yeah, that's exactly what i'm thinking. But that still doesn't solve the stupid equations crap
  5. thanks!!! what about equations? Any ideas, hints or clues?
  6. Maybe test hardness and compare to other things....? How can that be done???
  7. Hey, I have a question... okay first I had to find a real world application to this point: perform a first-hand investigation, analyse information and use available evidence to model the differences in atomic arrangement of diamond, graphite and fullerenes Well, the hardness of diamond (physical properties) is related to its molecular model... Now, the question asks me to draw a graph and an equation; do you guys know of anyway to integrate the physical properties of a mineral for example diamond into an equation and graph... for example, what equation can we include using diamond? What's the original reaction that takes place in order to create diamond? thanks!
  8. Hi, there's a question that's really annoying me. I hope you guys could help me with it! It is observed that Mars is somewhat brighter when in opposition (ie. sun- earth - mars in that order) that at other times. How can this be explained using a) The Ptolemaic model and b) The Copernican model of the solar system. (Assume that Ptolomy's construction describes the actual motion of the planet) Well, for the first part: the rays of the sun shine on mars, whereas if mars was on the other side, u wouldn't be able to see it since the sun would be blocking the way. For part b, mars would be the shortest distance away from the sun in that position; therefore, it'll appear brighter. Any help would be great. Also if you can explain that using "retrograde loops" and "epicycle" it'd be even more helpful Thanks a lot!!!
  9. The Period of orbit of a satellite and its Altitude What is the graph for that one? I heard there's a formula for it.....
  10. and everyone thought the earth was flat, up unitl some dude said otherwise
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