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Which category of science is the best?


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Guest imfuzzy25

I think at some point everyone will agree that each type is interesting in its own. No matter what you decide, each area has a major unanswered question. Like, astronomers can't answer why the universe is constantly expanding at an exponential rate, or in physics why some particles have mass and others don't. Chemists can't tell you how atoms formed the first living things. Biologists don't know what the complete function or structure of the proteome (proteins encoded on a genome). Which ever question makes you want to strive for an answer more.

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:confused: By that I mean there are thirty one classes of science today. Which one class is the best' date=' so if you decided to switch majors could you easily change without to much trouble?



;) I would have to say "Astronomy", because you get to learn about the stars, contilation, planets, and anything having to do with "Outer Space', and the glaxy we live in & beyond!

For your infomation: My science got me intested in Astronomy, she's inspired me to want to become an "Astronomer", when I grow-up!



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Physics contradicts itself too much, whereas Chem and Bio remain fairly constant.


There have been plenty of condradictions in all these fields...but I'm partial to biology. But, I'm a biochem major, so there you go.

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I don't think there is a single best area of science per se, as each contributes just as much as the other to our understanding of nature and the universe. As per my favorite area of science, it would have to be biology, specifically evolutionary biology, comparative anatomy and vertebrate zoology.

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Physics is the "best science". Physics is what science is.


Chemistry is watered down physics.


Biology is watered down chemistry.


Astronomy can easily be explain by physics, but physics cannot be explained by astronomy.


Basically, everything can be explained by physics.


Physics > All other sciences


BTW, above they ask about engineering. Engineering is basically physics.

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