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  1. Why? There's nothing wrong with letting the evidence rather than preconcieved notions convince you. Thats what skepticism is all about. Ghost claims always have natural, and rather mundane explanations.
  2. Okay, fine. What do you think the reason for the color blotches in the picture are?
  3. Let me see: You bring a picture here taken at Gettysburgh at night with wierd lights in it, asking for an explanation. you've done it 3 times before, and wouldn't listen to anyone who said it wasn't ghosts. Do the math. "Its ghosts! its ghosts!" is on the tip of your tongue, you are just deliberately dancing around it.
  4. Any idea why they have such a high ammonia content, BTW? (I don't read about cephalopods much)
  5. Amazing. I never thought I would see this. I'm kind of sad in a way, I mean, it was a mystery, possibly one of the last great mysteries, and its pretty much solved. Too bad it damaged it's tentacle trying to get away, too. I saw a special on humbolt squids a whila ago, and they were catching them with these 2 ft. long barbed rods. Their tentacles got badly caught on them (it was brutal), so its good they didn't use that method at least.
  6. Case in point: no one here believes in ghosts, herme3. Take you photos somewhere else please.
  7. That comic is funny, but eerily accurate.
  8. Actually, its our system thats crazy. The base 10 metric system makes a lot more sense, it is just hard to get used to. (which reminds me, I've got to study).
  9. I know. Its hard to make the conversions sometimes, I guess it like learning a new language. @*#%ing American hubris.......
  10. First of all, vacuous claims such as this aren't apt to get you much respect around here. Read, and think about what Swansont said: As an aside, Pumices, what particular aspect of evolutionary theory do you have a problem with?
  11. William Hammer and William Hickerson discovered Cryolophosaurus. IDK if this helps.
  12. And you should have learned that not everyone in the entire world uses the same date format as us. They also use this wierd measurement system called the "metric system". Its true. Look it up.
  13. Yes, I did read your post, and look at your picture. However, the fact that it is someone else's picture and you did explicity say "ghosts" changes nothing. We all know you intend to do the same thing you did those 3 times in the past. To respond to your post, I don't think its anything wierd, its just the same thing that happens when people try to take photos and botch them up a little. This happens to me all the time because I am not all that great of a photog, and sometimes the lights have little "trails" after them due to my hand movement (my hands constantly shake uncontrollably, so i can never be a surgeon ). Its nothing that we haven't explained to you before.
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