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  1. They call it intelligent design to give a it a ring so when you talk about, you don't sound like a complete joke show. Its just a new name and outline for christianity's belief on how the world came to be.
  2. Theres more than one way to date fossils aside from carbon dating, you do realize that?
  3. Physics is the "best science". Physics is what science is. Chemistry is watered down physics. Biology is watered down chemistry. Astronomy can easily be explain by physics, but physics cannot be explained by astronomy. Basically, everything can be explained by physics. Physics > All other sciences BTW, above they ask about engineering. Engineering is basically physics.
  4. Actually, if the fusion reactor is completed and properly works, we will have a major excess of Helium (Fusion works as such H + H ----> He + Energy ) Thus the cost of a super conductor will drop for Helium is useful as a superconductor. Just thought I'd add that in.
  5. An Anti-matter engine would require enormous amount of energy inputted to control the actual reaction. You have to keep matter completely seperate from anti-matter, thus it would be extremely inefficient exspecially if you had to make the anti-matter yourself. Plus, to get antimatter and keep it as such you can't let it touch matter at all. Also, if you screw up with a ton of anti-matter, you're dead probably. Anti-matter reactors are either improbable or just too inefficient when compared to other energy sources.
  6. My mistake. We have evidence that gravitron exists. We haven't proved or observed its existence directly. Thus we detect its properties, not the actual gravitron particle I think. http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/particles/expar.html#c6 (ctrl + f, search gravitron)
  7. Little Mary took a drink and now she will drink no more. What she thought was H20 Was H2S04 How many ibms does it take to execute a program? 10, 9 to hold it down and one to cut its head off. What do you get when you cross an IUD with a CPU? A computer that can't multiply.
  8. Heh, just because if time is a particle, doesn't mean scientists can manipulate it. We can detect the gravitron, but have we been able to manipulate it yet? Nope.. Zelcon Hyd (me) ....
  9. Hyd


    So, rather you would just want to me to completely explain to everyone and basically disallow them to think for themselves? Are you trying to tell me that the purpose of science is to take what you are told and accept it? I hope this is not what you are not implying. Clearly, my goal was for people to think for themselves and try to understand it. Thus, I threw an idea up in the air, and people just did not understand what I was trying to do. So, I guided them in the right direction. Also, Newton called it a force, yet people later theorized such findings that it was not, in fact, a force, but the warping of space/time. Why? Because they did not think Newton's word was god, and they thought for themselves. Nobody respected Einstein where he wrote his theorize and designed experiments to prove them. Most of the science community thought he was a idiot. Did he still continue to "think outside the box"? I guess people trying to understand something by FIGURING IT OUT FOR THEMSELVES just doesn't suit you, does it?
  10. Query: When we touch an object, we are not actually touching it. Thus, when we sit on a chair, we are actually floating on the chair (very, very small distance above) How can this be explained at the quantum level?
  11. Our minds have difficulty visualizing higher dimensions because we just have NO way to see it, or have ever seen it. It has been said that those had higher dimensional sight were killed off by, oh say a tiger. The couldn't avoid the tiger because they were killed in the tigers 3D while they could see 4D and were unable to react or adapt. The idea of Natural selection came into play and these people were killed off. Only a theory. One way to better visualize the 4th Spatial dimension would be to look at a Hypercube. It is like a Cube which is 3D or a Square which is 2D. http://www.cs.brown.edu/people/dla/polytope/gifs/Complete.hypercube.foldout.gif
  12. Incorrect. Weight is a measurement of how much a certain mass is affected by the gravity that is applied. A classic example are olympic records that are achieved in places farther away from the earth's center. Your weight changes on how far you are away from the earth's center. You're mass is constant, but the gravity is changing, thus you're weight is directly proportional to your mass and the gravity acting upon you. This is why you're weight changes from planet to planet as well, and why you are *basically* "weightless" in space. Also, you can most likely measure mass without gravity in the equation. Gravity and Mass demonstrates weight.
  13. Newton's First Law: Objects in motion stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Thus, as stated, Inertia
  14. If you use higher dimensional theory, is light not consider a vibration in the 4th Spatial Dimension (aka The 5th Dimension)? If you consider higher dimensional theory, look up when the kaluza-klein theory (which had flaws of course, but lead to the string theory).
  15. Any Sub-atomic particles with explainations Known or proven: Theoretical: Fictional:
  16. Hyd


    To anwser how it is a misconception: Gravity is not a force. We only observe it as a force, but it is the warping of space and time. A satellite orbiting the planet has a time difference of 0.0001 seconds from the humans living on the earth (probably not correct, but I'm trying to show that there is, in fact, a time difference), not very major, but still present. What causes the warping is the gravitron which is only a hypothesis, because it hasn't been proven observationally. To elaborate more on why it is a misconception, we call gravity the "pulling" of objects toward a very dense mass. It is not "pulling", but the warping of space. The space of everything (and I do mean everything hence why light is "bent" into a blackhole) warps the object to be "pulled" towards the earth. When we see light "bend" into a blackhole, it is really the plane of space that has changed and not the direction of the light necessarily. Now I could be wrong. Hyd
  17. Hyd


    Gravity is considered a misconception. Gravity really is the warping of space and time Explain, Elaborate Further and Debate.
  18. Hyd


    Gravity is a misconception. It is the warp of space and time and when you "see" a photon change speed, it most likely means that the space the light is entering is the not the same as the space you are in. It is relative to the situation you are in and the situation the photon is in. If you were in that space, when the light left that space, it would appear to change speed. Plus, no matter where you go in the universe, "gravity" is always present, thus it will never be the same EXACT speed, but very very close, because of the how space and time are easily warped.
  19. Time is a dimension that is not included in mathematical calculations when dealing with space. It is called the 4th Temporal dimension with a reason (there is also a 4th spatial dimension which is commonly known as the 5th dimension). You cannot cast off time being a particle because you just assume its a dimension. Chronotons are most likely theoretical, like gravitrons. Also, the 5th dimension is sometimes considered to be sub-atomic particles as well, thus a dimension is a particle. You can argue with me if you want, but its just theory. Read the book "Hyperspace" for further information on higher dimensional theory. It is meant for the general public and is not difficult to read.
  20. A small query: If black holes lead to other dimensions or baby universes, then these other dimensions should have their own black holes like ours that lead to our universe, no? Thus, if another end to a black hole exists from these universes, shouldn't we see a end in our universe which one would deem a "white hole"? I don't know if they have observed a "white hole" or not, hence where my query originated from. This could be considered mindless ranting as well. Hyd
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