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  1. I not sure about that...humm, Pondering Question... But I knoew that they evolved from our reptilian friends, but how can birds be reptiles?
  2. what first sparked your interest in science? When I was in the 9th grade, in science class, my science: Ms.Stambaugh would go online & show us stuff on Astronomy, espelly stuff having to do with The Mars Rover. Ms.Stambaugh's a Cool science teacher, and I happen to be one of the best students in her class! She inspired me to want to become an Astronomer, when I grow- up. And she has said to me that I'll make a good Astronomer. And I know I will, because I will become an Astronomer when I grow-up!
  3. Hey I'm Kristine & I was watching a show last night. It was called NOVA (It's about science), which this eposide aired on channel: #50! It was on Quantum Physics / Quantum Mechanics. Which was problly over my head, considering that I'm in the 10th grade & am currently taking an Earth Science Class. Well anyways I had a few questions, because I was a little hard for me to understand, and a little ing too! Well, I thought you help clairify them for me! 1.) How can string theory be science, if it can't be proven like any other theory is? 1a.) Is it science or is it just a palosaphy? 2.) How can the Laws of the Large & the Laws of the small ( gravity & the other three forces) be combined together, if they can't all be one happy family? 2A.) What about when your trying to prove the theory of a black/dark hole? Or the Big Bang theory? I'm a little can you help un me, and please explain what's going on in as simple as terms as you can! Thank You, ~*~Lil`SciWizGal~*~
  4. Leader Test Results I Am: From: ~*~Lil`SciWizGirl~*~
  5. HEY! Can you please make me the role to be inthe Musical. I would like the role of a good person. Ok! Like a smart Science or astronomy stugdent, an astronomer, or an scientist. Name:Kristine Codename:Lil`SciWizGirl Interests: Science & Astronomy Favorite subject:Science (at school) I'm really into anything dealling with Science & Astronomy! I want to become an Astronomer when I grow Up! Inntrests:Science & Astronomy;Stargazing:(look at the night stars). Personally:Smart, espelly when it comes to Science & Astronomy. Gender: Female Age:15yrs. Looks: Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes. (Long Blond Hair) Can I please be a Science Wizz? Cuz You Have a Computer Wizz, Why not have an Science Wizz! Ok! It would make me really happy to get one of the roles I sugested! Please & Thank You, ~*~Lil`SciWizGirl~*~
  6. Hey! I think cloning both a good idea & aq bad idea. Why I think it'a a good idea is, because it will pevent endangered species, like the California Condor, etc. Why I think it's a bad idea is, because why should we clone endangered species, if their habatits are being distroyed; they'll have no where to live. But that my opinion, both the pro & Con on Endangered Species Cloning!
  7. Hi! I'm Lil'SciWizGal, and telling by my name i've got smarts for science. I really Love science & Astronomy. My favorite Subject in School is: "SCIENCE"! My Science Teacher, Ms.Stambaugh inspired me to want to become an Astronomer when I grow-Up. And I sticking to that Goal. Later, Science Inthueists!
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