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  1. http://similarminds.com/leader.html I am ....
  2. There is a company that makes reactive targets for shooting. It takes a centerfire rifle .223 cal or higher to set off. A friend of mine said it was 95% AN and 5% Al powder. Its completely legal to sale and purchase in every state, but cost 160 bucks for 40 charges of 1/2 pound charges. I know that AN is cheaper then that to buy, but is that all it takes for a good size bang from an reactive target? http://www.tannerite.com is the product in question. There is a very cool vid on there to watch too. I have some of our own vids from friends too. We blow up some really nice crap.
  3. 10x = 9.9(bar) 1x = 0.9(bar) 10x - 1x = 9.9(bar) - 0.9(bar) = (9 + 0.9(bar)) - 0.9(bar) = 9 + (0.9(bar) - 0.9(bar)) = 9 so 1/9 = 1.99999999 2/9 = 2.99999999 what would 9/9 = 1? 2 differ logics, 2 differ answers.
  4. I was reading a post on ar15.com, and thought it was a great discussion, ended up being 11 pages of math. so here is the question? X=.99999999999 repeating 10X = 9.9999999999 repeating 10X - X = 9X 9X = 9 X = 1 Therefore .9999999999 repeating = 1 So is this an example of limits?
  5. Just a bunch of hippies to me. Deer hunting season has almost started here, and it is important because it keeps the heards down and prevents over population of them. I have never fox hunted, but would like to sometime. Mad the Hunter.
  6. Just a bunch of hippies to me. Deer hunting season has almost started here, and it is important because it keeps the heards down and prevents over population of them. I have never fox hunted, but would like to sometime. Mad the Hunter.
  7. Losers will always try to make themselves look better.
  8. Even John Kerrys dog got owned. Give up, its over. Animal porn in the politics forum is a no-no, thanks. Sayo.
  9. It was money well spent, the Bush campaign went out against some other races to get more republicans in office. Kerry kept shooting himself in the foot by siding with Micheal Moore types. That is something I learned about the campaign money though, a good part of it went to get some new people in.
  10. Some things you dont count for with the election money though, the Republicans spent some of the 200 million on other key canidates, to get Dashel out, get certain members elected.
  11. Osama Bin Laden was actually spotted in the flesh just a few days ago - according to counter terror sources with the DEBKAfile. Between October 17 and October 19, an Indian air force reconnaissance plane picked him up in the Tibet-Laddakh region close to the North-Eastern corner of Pakistan bordering India and China. Additional surveillance aircraft were called in and identified the al Qaeda leader on the move with a 10-vehicle convoy of black Japanese minivans. Four of the vehicles turned up again on Friday, October 22 heading east towards the Chinese border. Debkafile sources maintain that the rumored sightings of bin Laden on the Lingzi Thang Plain on the Tibetan border in June may have been true then, but are now outdated. In any case, he was not at the time in Pakistani Waziristan or the Afghan-Pakistani border as was suspected. The agents hunting the al Qaeda leader are working on the premise that he has decided to wait out the winter months in one of two regions: Hunza province in the Northern Frontier tip of Indian Kashmir or Little Pamir, where fanatical Tajik tribes have never allowed any Kabul government - whether Taliban or led by Karzai - to secure a foothold. Little Pamir is wedged between Tajikistan where Russian special forces taking part in the bin Laden dragnet are deployed and China. Before launching the Sept.11 attacks, bin Laden and his deputy Ayman Zawahiri, prepared snug havens in the caverns that riddle the towering 5,000-8,000 mountain peaks. In the 1970s, the Russians converted the Little Pamir cave warren into subterranean silos for nuclear missiles pointing towards China. But even the Russians found the cold and harsh conditions unendurable and by the mid-1980s the bases were abandoned. Nothing on Osama bin Laden's new tape released Friday, October 29, 2004 gave away information on the his whereabouts. Even though it was dropped in Islamabad a few hours prior at the gate of Al Jazeera’s Pakistan bureau chief, Pakistan was quick to deny the fugitive was hiding in that country. “He cannot be in the tribal areas because of the presence of so many troops,” said interior minister Aftab Khan Sherpao. In Afghanistan, the US military suggested he was somewhere near the Afghan-Pakistani border. Rest of the story at: http://nyjtimes.com/cover/11-01-04/OsamaBinLadenSpottedByIndianAirForce.htm
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