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  1. Just to go back to the original question of why we sleep... I think we should look at what happens when we don't sleep. Randy Gardner - Awake for 11 Days Sleep Deprivation Rats don't do too well either
  2. I was thinking, I joined this forum back in high school (2005) and now I will be attending grad school. Granted, I don't post a lot (0.14 posts per day, hah) - but I figured I'd post for this. I will be going to a 1 year Social Psych grad program (Masters), specifically involved in Group Dynamics and Influence. You may see more of me around, since I may be asking for help regarding some topics (testing out ideas) - seeing as I have to write a thesis and I'm not entirely sure what that will be. Anyhow, just figured I'd share
  3. hmm, interesting. it looks me like her joints twisted the other way...? Like her knees bend the other way. hard to tell though.
  4. I was there too And specifically iNow, it was at McCormick Place - a super-gigantic convention center. edit: the reason why there were some posters without presenters was that the posters were up for 5 hours, and the presenters were scheduled to be there for only 1 hour of that time.
  5. oops thanks, I thought someone else wrote that one.
  6. I guess we should ask, why did you have the EEG?
  7. I haven't read the whole thread, so I don't know if anyone has corrected this or not. But you can do an EEG without shaving the person's head. A gel is used to help the signal. anyway, carry on.
  8. Wow, this thread has grown quite a bit since I last saw it, I'll definitely have to read it again and btw, I saw altruism in animals was mentioned. If anyone is interested, in APA's magazine "Monitor" - there is an article (in the most recent one) about monkeys being nice and food, and how sometimes they'll give the more desirable food to another monkey for seemingly no reason. The Evolutionary reason being that it's easier to survive in a group than to go solo or try to find another group, so being nice and getting along can help out.
  9. yup, that's what he means http://www.patriotfiles.com/forum/imgcache/1562.png some were even more curved but as I said, they typically shattered/fractured the bullets.
  10. true, but it would certainly reduce the amount of time that the cat went into his yard.
  11. I apologize for not reading the whole thread, but the answer is very simple. Your neighbors need to buy their cat a littler box. That's it. It can still get "fresh air" - as the owners said; having a litter box does not mean the cat can't go out doors, it just means it'll do it's business inside. My uncle's cat is an outdoor cat, still has a litter box though, and uses it all the time.
  12. Really cool! Got stuck at 2:4
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