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  1. Sorry for posting on such an old thread but.... http://www.magicaltransformations.com/quantumphysics.htm
  2. Hey, I'm writing a story, and I'm wondering what the affects of a very arid climate would be on a humans appearence (oily hair, not oily hair, skin, that sort of thing)
  3. Yes me too, in response to both of you. I beleive it's easily possible for somebody to go in the himalayas with only a robe because it's been known for not only humans but all animals to do amazing things, but hundreds of days without food is something else. The book she told the story from is one you would probably recognize, I think it was called "Living With the Himalayan Masters"
  4. Many of my friends hold interests in various parts of eastern spirituality. The other day one of these friends said something about Yogis or some other sort of spiritual masters being able to go hundreds of days without food or water (she might have said a longer period). I disagreed, but the science of why it couldn't work interested me, so I could give her an exact reason for it being false. I decided to do some research, so first stop here. Does anybody have any explanations proving right or wrong the above statement? Thanks.
  5. Well for one thing, when they had the procedure done, I'm assuming they were infants. I'm sure that if you asked them they wouldn't remember having the procedure done, or having foreskin at all, so you really couldn't ask them which they like better and get an honest answer. Using me for an example, I'm uncircumsized and I'm happy, but I really don't know what the other way around would be like. I've read several reports of young to middle aged getting it done for cosmetic reasons, then regretting it afterwards, because of less feeling in sexual situations, etc.
  6. paleolithic

    Why do we age?

    I'm sorry if I'm taking this off topic but were these studies done with wild meat, or domesticated factory meat?
  7. Accomplishment is a strange emotion. Since humans evolved using tools and accomplishing hard tasks that can take more than a few days, it seems like we would need a feeling to reinforce are justification of spending so much time on one task. Like, a feeling of pride and accomplishment after drying a wooden stave for over a year and finally making it into a worthwhile bow.
  8. The guy who shot John Lennon... Just kidding. Hmm, maybe Tecumseh of the Shawnees, or Geronimo. Yes I know, nothing to do with science.
  9. You may have also switched to fruits and veggies because of dehydration, and their higher water content than meats and grains. Are you sweating a lot? Sweating might also have something to do with your bodies glucose levels, which would explain an appetite for fruits and veggies.
  10. I tried doing several searches involving rain, but the first thing that popped up in my head after reading your post was acid rain, do you think it could be the smell of the acid content? It seems kind of unlikely to me but still worth a shot. Here's a site I came across about acid rain. http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/acidrain.html
  11. I found the part of the Christina Aguilara music interesting, I thought it was torture to listen to also but not literally, lol. Do you know why her? Is it something having to do with his view of women in society?
  12. It depends what kind of rock and it's moisture content, Is there a specific one you have in mind? If you want to blow up a rock, heat treat it, then pour ice water on it. Keep in mind you will probably get hurt.
  13. I believe it's building or repairing cells.
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