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  1. Globally a lot of people eat rice as a part of their staple food. I have felt that I feel sleepy after consuming rice. I have personally observed this and a lot of peoples views have confirmed the same. Can anyone please throw light on this ... What (factors) in rice induces sleep? Is the variety/quality of rice linked to this? Has it been scientifically proven? Does the glycemic load/glycemic index of rice play a role in triggering sleep? What is the mechanism of action of factor(s) that induce sleep? Does the brain need to concentrate on digestion of rice and switches off the other signals which make us lethargic? Please help me uncover the mystery behind this Any nutritionists, physicians, dieticians ....
  2. If God created earth:-) and all life forms that existed...... then the Chicken came first!! lol .... God does'nt lay eggs ......
  3. each zero is a dot and one is a dash ...... tried putting in the seq in that format too. Not much help. Does it make up some word or something .... ? Any spoilers please ...
  4. stuck at lvl 4, any hints?? Tried to put in the Decimal equivalent as well..... did'nt work:mad:
  5. I know stress could be one of the factors,but then why does it not affect any other ppl who also follow similar lifestyles. Also, it is not worrying me but that I want to know what could be a scientific reason for this. I contacted a physician too,but he told me that could be also due to frequent change in weather conditions. I work in around 10-11C while the outside temp is over 38degrees generally. But I was unable to comprehend this.
  6. I have been experiencing a peculiar problem for the past 8-10 months. When i get up in the morning, I find that a lot of hair from my eyebrows and eyelashes fall. This was less initially but it has increased recently and today there were about 11-12 hairs, which i noticed while washing my face. I am just 27 & athletic body type,is it natural to have this or there could be some underlying reasons? I sleep about 5 hrs a day and work over 14 hrs! Could it be because of deficiency of vitamins, minerals etc or just less of sleep? Please explain.
  7. here's what I got from a quick search: Synthetic biology is a new area of research that combines science and engineering in order to design and build novel biological functions and systems. There are four main branches of research that define the field: Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, and Re-writing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synthetic_biology What is Synthetic Biology? Natural biological systems process information, materials, and energy. Our understanding of these systems is rapidly advancing. Unfortunately our ability to use biology as a technology to process information, materials, and energy as we desire is limited by our understanding. To circumvent these limits, a field of study is emerging based on intentional engineering of biological systems.This Synthetic Biology is focused on the intentional design of artificial biological systems, rather than on the understanding of natural biology. It builds on our current understanding while simplifying some of the complex interactions characteristic of natural biology. Relevant Research Areas (all topics areas have an implicit requirement of being biological in some fashion) Biochemical or genetic network design Energy sources Parts fabrication, characterization, assembly Network analysis Biomaterials Biomimetics Computation using biological components Design principles of systems and networks Device physics Directed evolution and evolutionary optimization strategies Information processing and control theory Microfluidics Molecular machines Modeling of synthetic systems Noise in systems and components Organism engineering Programmable organisms or systems Protein engineering Quantitative measurement techniques Reporters Sensors and actuators Single molecule manipulation and/or measurement methods Please consider this list as only a guideline for areas pertinent to Synthetic Biology. As this is an emerging field, there are likely many research fields of interest to this community that are not listed here. Similarly there are many research areas that may fall under these topics but are not pertinent to the goals of Synthetic Biology. http://syntheticbiology.org/Synthetic_Biology_1.0/Topics.html
  8. Are there any other ideas too? Seems Matt, being the only person who has landed up one!
  9. Matt, I have gone thru this exhaustive article(on the link).I have understood most part of the paper, but am unable to decide where to start and how will the initial data look like(data, values, format of data, file format etc). Also, I have looked at the equations discussed, where by eq(6) is the most appropriate and will give the proton-deuterium exchange. This gives us which AA are around the boundary and which are inside the core of protein. But we could also get the hydrophobic and hydrophilic AA from the seuence itself and move on those lines? But how will this value help us predict the structure of protein? The higher value depicts the alpha-helix, but this is only for Cyt c and how can this be generalised ?(what threshold value shud be taken?) Plz help me further on this. I am really looking forward to this project now.
  10. on more thoughts, I can find which AA lie to the edges of the protein but then it wud b difficult to comment on the struct. And how does the water molecules play a role in the struct determination of the protein ??
  11. Matt, That was a bit tough to get, can u please discuss more of it. I don't think I have got what u really wanted to put through. let me tell what I got from that, we want to predict the tertiary struc when the protein is in solvent(water) and the c-alpha and nearest H20 distances are known. Does it mean that we have to gather the water and C interactions and steric energy and get the tert struc in a minimum energy level in solvent?? if so, can u please exemplify it more, or if not then please put forward in very basic terminology, so that it makes more sense to me.
  12. Hi friends, Calling all bioinformaticians to help me! I have to make a project using the bioinformatics tools. Can anyone please suggest what could be the best topic foe me to pursue at grad studies? I have to develop a tool(program) to do some basic BI calculation/simulations /interpretations that can achieve a desired level of result. I have already done a project on the analysis of Microarray data, so I am inclined towards Proteomics/Protein Chemistry, but is open to any good research topic. Can some people help me describe some good projects that could be done(at grad lvl). Please give relevant details on the data availability and conclusions that could be drawn at the end with some reference to the procedure/algorithm adopted. I will be grateful to all and he/she will definitely get a mention in the final project/ thesis. Some broad areas that I am aware of are : Microarray data analysis Comparing genomic sequences using Dotplots Computational Evolutinary genomics Protein Structure Prediction etc. Please help me out with as diverse projects as possible and it would be great if anyone could help me with a current/live project.
  13. This is perfectly fine as Equivalence Point is defined as the point where the solution exhibits pH neutrality(7.0) and they are mixed in exact quantities. If u increase the volume of acid then there would be a simultaneous increase in the protons and hence more number of base ions would be reqd to neutralize it. This is true only if the volume is changed and not the strength of the acids/bases.
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