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  1. hi i was reading some ways to protect my notebook from being stolen. i found this software called lo-jack for laptop. once installed it can be used to track back the laptop if stolen. there are three ways it's tacked: ip-address, phone number *if dialup connection*, and a third way that's not shared with the public according to the menufacturer, the software can survive a format of the harddrive and a fresh windows reinstall. my question is how does it do that:confused: i thought windows reinstall would get rid of everything on the pc. i'd just like to know how this software works if someone can help me understand it better. here's the forbes review for the software: http://www.forbes.com/technology/2005/08/19/digilife-lojack-laotops-cx_daa_0819digilife.html
  2. sorry forgot to tell you, it doesn't i'll soon get this setup. my laptop also has suse linux on it (dual boot) do you guys know how i can set it up through linux?
  3. here's the basic setup
  4. hi i bought a new laptop and need to setup a home network. the main reasons why i want to do so is because, i want to print from the local printer from my notebook, i want to be able to share files from my desktop to my notebook, i want to be able to play lan games. what i have -an hp desktop -gateway notebook -linksys wireless router -hp printer -xp on both desktop and notebok currently the printer is installed locally with the desktop. The desktop is connected to a port on the back of the router. the notebook is using the wifi from my router. what's the easiest way to set this up? thanks
  5. hi there is going to be a sale at bestbuy after thanksgiving and i need help deciding from the two notebooks below. here are the two options: 1) hp dv6108nr price: 379.99 + tax link: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....=1158317339111 2) gateway mx6453 price: 699.99 + tax link: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....=1157067806537 please help me choose. things to consider- price, speed, and quality. i'm new to notebooks and have not clue how well the turino processor is. please help me understand that better. The thing that confused me whas the gateway processor is x2 but the speed is only 1.6 and the core solo has 1.86. how could that be? thanks
  6. hi my friend was telling me that his computer was infected with a virus that infected all the usb devices he plugged in. He plugged in his ipod and the ipod contained the virus. This didn't do any damage to his ipod but when he connected the ipod to his frieds pc, his friends pc caught the virus. He sent a couple data entries to his samsung cell phone and the phone was also infected. the virus only does damage to the pc's and no devices such as ipod or cellphone but the cellphone and ipod still carry them and transfer the virus to other pc's is there such a virus? how do you remove it?
  7. hi i own the microsoft fingerprint reader. does anyone know how to use this in your vb application? whileback i saw a tutorial on it but can't remember where i saw it.
  8. the site is now owned by someone else, i think the domain got sold
  9. what do you think is the best email client to do what i need to do? I saw thunderbird saying "attaching image" so i knew that was happening but didn't know of any other client.
  10. in my log the ip keeps staying at that's not my ip no clue what that is
  11. the link changes from mine to <img src="cid:part1.03040008.06080904@gmail.com">
  12. mooeypoo, i completely respect you blocking the images from showing up. That's what i do as well. i still can't figure out how readnotify makes the image run from their server and not googles.
  13. this works and logs everything but only one problem. I use thunderbird to insert the image i did <img>the link to the file</img> but this logs the info of the computer i sent it from. I am testing it out by sending emails to my gmail account. I checked it and it doesn't get the image from my server it says that image is from the google servers. Do you see what i'm trying to say?
  14. thanks for your help! Let me get this straight: First, on my webhost server make an image.php. Put the following code in the image.php: second, upload the test.png and test.txt in the same folder third, in the email link an image from http://mydomain.com/image.php?email=some@email.com&id=howeveryouwanttoidentifythatmessage could you explain the third part in a bit more detail. Where it says some@email.com do you want me to put in ther reciever's email? and next to the id do i just put anything
  15. I'm really new to this so can you give me directions on what would be the simplest way to get the time when the email was opened and what do i have to add to the sever?
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