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  1. well all the positions have the same number of resonance structures the meta position just has the best one. correct me if im wrong
  2. my project is about nonlinear optical compounds, with specific research recently on organometallic compounds.
  3. in that synth the grignard adds to the double bond.. but then why is it still there in the product shouldnt it be gone by that approach
  4. to me it seems that the meta position is the most stabilizing for the anion. Or at least i think you could be able to protonate, and seperate it that way from the nuetral compound, if thats the goal. Or perhaps its forming some sort of complex
  5. what is the color of your final solution? use only a solution of hydroxide and add that to your phospine chloride, this will create the wittig reagent. then, add your methylene chloride and your aldehyde. this should work properly. and then extraction can be used to isolate the product
  6. If it changes color that means a reaction likely occured. With the added EW/staibilizing effect of NO2 group id say it got deprotonated. WIth a pKa of about 2.5, its fairly acidic.
  7. the reaction you drew works as far as i can tell. i dont see another viable synthetic approach based on your level of ochem.
  8. akcapr

    how come....

    the zinc atom is smaller than the Ca atom, yet Calcium has a higher atomic number?
  9. 80 % no way id say ud get maybe around 20%
  10. i thought they mixed it with something, they bubbled the gas through water i guess to seperate out the NO
  11. Speaking of ammonium nitrate i was watching this tv show and they mixed AN and something else in a flask and the reaction produced N2O- im just curious to what the reaction was if anyone knows
  12. perhaps its something about the type of oil
  13. i saw a discovery channel show about plastic moulding
  14. perhaps something to do with the benzene ring?
  15. its SO2, when you add sodium metabusulfite to water it creates SO2. that will burn also, but so3 would burn alot more. If SO3 was created it would immideatly dissolve in the water and it wouldnt reach ur nostrils anyway.
  16. i dont think there would be a reaction but if there was i dont know wat the product would be. I see why u might theink SO3 might be a product but i doubt it.
  17. you can but you need high temperatures/pressures and a expensive catalyst, not too mention the expensive equipment.
  18. yes battery acid is sulfuric. Use the search tool for this forum there has been quite a few threads about making H2SO4.
  19. if ur gonna try to make H2SO4, dont bother, you wont be able to obtain a substantial amount of usuable product if any at all.
  20. also sugar by itself will catalyze the decomposition of carbonic acid.
  21. the high voltage section seems alright
  22. seems to me that science has alot more proof to it than the bible tho
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