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  1. thank you matt grime. that did infact make very much sense, and it does bring some answers! i suppose you can have infinate numbers of anything, because some things dont have a limit. is it just that it is impossible to do simple sums with infinity? maybe because infinity is not simple!? and also i suppose, you cannot add one to inifinity, because infinity is an ever lastig number, so there is no end to add one to it?
  2. thank you EL. someone who explains to me something, and not makes me slook stupid for being curious. ...but still, even tho the number added is insignificant, the new number is still bigger, so the numbers are not the same!
  3. what i dont like about infinity is that infinity plus one is still infinity. so how can the new infinity be equal to the old infinity if one has been added? (sorry if these seems pathetic and childish to some other more experience mathematian, im 17, and my mind is just curious) moreover, i do think that this thread deals with physics too because i thought about it in a physics state of mind also. is the universe infinate? from basic GCSe knowledge (I nolonger study at A Level Physics) i rememebr that the universe is infinate and is always expanding. i therefore ask that how can something which have no end increase in size. for it is the largest possible value. please excuse me if all this nonsense is due to lack of knowledge.
  4. Myself and a few friends have been wondering what exactly infinity is, and does it really exist? i, personally, do not believe in infinity. what are your views?
  5. Martyn

    Body warmth...

    All organisms which have metabolic reaction release heat, because energy is wasted in the reactions. moreover, dont forget that respiration releases energy- some of which is in the form of heat. What lizards do not have is the ability to maintain a constant body temperature- thermoregulation. They are ectotherms or cold blooded. They rely on maintaing their body temperature by behaviorable mechanisms, such as moving in and out of the shade.
  6. seriously? i thought that would hinder your application for not taking it seriously!
  7. Indeed Miss BS! for i gained 5 A*s and 6 As. am i mistaken that you achieved 10 A*s? If you have As and Bs you can still study medicine! Oxford say that you need only Cs and above at GCSE, but they require AAA at A-level. they look at your GCSEs too, but they really only matter to get into higher education. after all, not everyone develops at the same time. An average score at GCSE will be enough. what is important is that you show a compation to study medicine. You are well research and have shown some skills so for example you have undertaken work experience. All the advice above is true, the work forms a logic expansion to GCSE except you are not spoon fed anymore. Your teacher covers the work you need for the exam, but it is upto you to learn it, to know it and to further your knowledge. again this will help upon application. it shows you have inititive! at GCSE i took: Double Science: A* A* Maths: A* History: A* Geog: A* English lang: A English Lit: A French: A Food Tech: A Statistics: A Music: A ICT: A GCSE is about breadth. specialisation begins at A level.
  8. I'm not quiet sure! someone of a more knowledgable status will have to answer that. i dont think i've heard of it before, but maybe we have a similar thing but called a different name!
  9. in the UK, you finish compulaory education at 16 (GCSEs- general certificate of secondary education.) then normally you go to a higher education institute such as a sixth form college or like me you can carry on at your school if it is for 11-18 year olds and enter the sixth form. i moved to an 11-18 school. there you take your As and A2 exams which account for A-levels or GCEs (General certificate of education). in these exams you have to get like AAB to be offored a place at medical school. which you apply to via the UCAS system (universities and colleges application service). if you are successful you begin your 5/6 year medical degree. and after that you hvae to do 2 years i think before you are a fully qualified doctor as a pre-registration house officer etc.
  10. Advantage of Mean: takes all values used into account. Disadvantage: Answer oftendistorted if there are some very small of some very large extremes to the data. Advantages of Median: Ignors the extremeties so the value is not effect by the difference in the values. this is particularly improtant when then distribution of the data is heavily skewed. Disadvatages of median: It does not take into account all of the items of data and so is not a true representation of the entirity. Hope this helps!
  11. sorry i haven't replied- you must think i am so rude! thank you for your replies; i found them very helpful. Just one further question. My head of 6th form has suggested that i start reading the medicine parts of the guardian/times or that i read some of the medicial journals. Would this be beneficial or a waste of time? Also, i have been disputing with my head if 6th and reference tutors weather or not i should apply to oxbridge. do you think i have a chance of recieving an offer or am i just wasting 1/4 of my chance of getting a place to study medicine- my above all aim and ambition? Thank You Martyn C Stott PS. We did a really cool experiment in Chemistry today! lol!
  12. Martyn


    i totally agree with you! In my GCSE stats exam last year i asked to go to the toilet to waste a bit of time from it! we didnt even do anywork for the exam, my maths teacher just put me in for the exam. not bad saying i got an A! but damn no A*!
  13. Martyn


    i agree mulderman, when i did my GCSEs they were all a bit boring, because they werent very taxing. i remember doing my science modules! they were such fun! lol! Good luck with all your exams!
  14. Martyn


    ive had My chemistry exams 2day. introduction to organic, and foundation physical and inorganic. I've got Statistics tomorrow wich should be ok, providing i can do the perms and combs! This time i had: Biology: >Making Use of Biology Geography: >Core concepts in physical >core concepts in Human > geographical skills Mathematics: >Core (pure) 2 >Probability and Statistics 1 Chemistry: >Introduction to organic >foundation to physical and inorganic. for my GCSEs there were about 100 in my year at school, and about 3 invidulators depending on the amount. At sixth form there was about 50 doing chemistry and 2 invidulators not from school plus head of chemistry and two people who orgainse the exams.
  15. thank you for your replies! by first attempt does that include re-sit modules or not? or is it just if you have finished both years and then you take them again? My teachers predict me all As and i got 100% in biology and chemistry in my first AS modules in January! I've got some work experience at my local hospital organised for the summer holidays; will that be enough?
  16. q=mc(delta T) q= 100 X 4.18 X 0.8 q= 334.4 J (0.334 KJ) moles= (Molarity X volume) / 1000 moles = 0.005 so, 0.3344 / 0.005 = 66.88 therefore, -66.88 KJmol-1 (delta H is negative as heat is given out so it is exothermic)
  17. Chemistry is the best! BIology is just chemistry applied to living organisms. Physics is just..well lets not go into that...a lot of dreams!!!! sorry if i offend!
  18. Hello. Im 17 and thinking about applying to study Medicine. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips about what to include in my personal statement, at the interview. and a list of the best british medical schools/ universities. I've got my work experience sorted out for the summer break! thank you for your help, Martyn.
  19. Hello, I'm new on here. I found this site after googling for a place where i could share my love for Science. I wouldnt say i have that much of a large knowledge of Scince concepts, because i am only 17, and currently studying for my AS levels. i take Biology, Chemistry, Math and Geography. In my first examinations at christmas i gained 100% in Biology and Chemistry, an A, one of the top in the country. In October i'm applying for univesity. i think i'm going to apply for Medicine at Cambridge, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Manchester; and then i think genetics or chemistry. I look forward to some good discusions! Martyn.
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