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  1. unfortunately the department is quite under funded so it looks like i my have to go to a university to use the equipment. Can i use thin layer chromatography to find out the contents of pepper juice?
  2. I've been working with Vitamin C titrations lately and iwas wondering if there were any other ways in which i could show the mass/concentration of vitamin c in a sample volume within a school lab. Any input i would be greatful...
  3. hmm... an intreguing prospect.
  4. i'll gladly participate. I could be the bad-ass receptionist with a heart of gold! and a nice sword. Like Clouds in FFVII.
  5. Kornkid


    Do you have such sword-handling talent? Or will you end up cutting your own hand off?
  6. Kornkid


    Yeah, that looks like quite a predicament...
  7. Kornkid


    Is there a reason why it won't integrate or is it just a 'rule'? (if you know what i mean)
  8. Kornkid


    I was going to say: (x^x+1)/(x+1) + C x cannot = -1 won't this work??
  9. I'd ask, How do they feed and mate? What do they feed on? How far they have explored the universe? and various other posted Questions.
  10. Physics, i find is the more interesting.
  11. That is brilliant!! I know what i want for my birthday...... A pony!
  12. THAT'S A BRILLIANT IDEA!!! Not sure my teacher would approve!
  13. Yes i am. I wasn't sure if it would be too ambitious, i wanted to use lasers; but i didn't want to measure wavelengh. Any ideas?
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