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  1. Good Brexit trade centric AMA, well worth a read. AMA Dmitry Grozoubinski


    1. nevim


      Thanks for that, Endy.

  2. Woohoo! Echo Auto is out and on its way. Excited with the location based options now available.

    Amazon has come out with a ring version but on the fence about the price for that one. Would be both handy and cool though. Could give commands and inquire 24/7 without being obvious.

  3. Blowing the yolk out an egg is weird :|

  4. Finally got voice control working for my lights. Feel stupidly happy about the whole thing.

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    2. Raider5678


      I might look into it. Yeah, one handy thing about having worked in two different trades(carpenter and electrician) is that I'm pretty comfortable with fixing anything around my house that needs fixed, or simply updating it. Rebuilt my entire rotten porch over the summer.

    3. Endy0816


      Nice!  Wish I had your skillset. I can do small projects but would love to have the confidence to tackle something bigger.

    4. Raider5678


      Yeah, it's quite nice. Honestly, it's the little pieces of knowledge that help the most. Everything else you can look up.

  5. Ugh sizing smart bulbs is tough. Have to send back everything and try again.

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    2. Endy0816


      What's 0.35 mm between friends?

      Was half seriously debating about rigging something up. Wouldn't have been pretty but whole lot less aggravation.

      Figured out autostarting the computer, so at least accomplished something of the overall project. Still felt like a fool trying to fit a too small sized bulb though.

    3. StringJunky


      It's the difference between a bit fitting and not.

    4. Endy0816


      No, I know. A world of Precision Engineering these days.

  6. Storage rack ladder from store? $30-100.

    Old bunk bed ladder from Habitat for humanity store? $4.

    Free kid's drawing on the ladder? Priceless.

    For everything else there's MasterCard!

  7. https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/uses-for-relaxation-oscillators.34126/#post-213177

    When you are gathering information and a familiar face appears :o

    1. koti


      Oh man he's everywhere, run! :)


    2. Endy0816


      lol, small internet

  8. Someone else is ordering banana liqueur and Coke in New Orleans what is up with that?

    1. Endy0816


      So soused right now :>)

  9. Late Breaking News!

    Protesters come out. Pass out fliers, remain on public property, receive bottles of water and leave without any arrests.

  10. Family finally got power. Get my place to myself again. I love them, but... Let's just say I am really happy their power is restored :]


  11. Made it through okay. Crazy night. Power's still out, hoping back sometime tomorrow.

  12. Can't believe my car didn't stall out getting through flooded intersections on the way home :blink:

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    2. Endy0816


      More luck than caution. Car was making an unusual noise afterwards  but seems to be running fine now.

    3. jimmydasaint


      Do you live in a tropical area?

    4. Endy0816


      Orlando, we had a tropical storm pass through 

  13. Drowned glasses in Ocean. Attempted to use crab. Crab objected.

    1. LabRat1


      You must be feelin' crabby, right?

    2. Endy0816


      Just a claw or two.

  14. Gallium comes from Tonga apparently :)

  15. Got myself a blender. Smoothies on demand! :)

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    2. andrewcellini


      well then... I DEMAND A SMOOTHIE!

    3. Endy0816


      Alright, but you've gotta come and get it ;)

    4. DrP


      So what is Mylk anyway? Is it self made milk? (My Milk = Mylk?)

  16. Got myself a blender. Slushies on demand! :)

  17. Manged to get parts of an old lightbar working. Now to find a use :)

  18. Mental Note: Wear suncreen while kayaking and 'enticing' the local wildlife.

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    2. koti


      I can see youre from Orlando...I've been to the everglades once years ago. The mosquitoes were a nightmare <-- This is I will keep telling myself while walking from work this afternoon in the dark, wet cold ;)

    3. imatfaal


      I put a heavy dose of factor 50 on during high summer (one of the few hot days)for an all day bike ride. Came back looking diseased with flys and midges encrusted onto me and glued on by the sunscreen - It was not pretty

    4. Sirona


      No harm in a little extra protein, imatfaal ;)

  19. Getting some rain...

  20. Bismuth crystals, FSM adding greebles

  21. Horray! Have a full sized computer again. Wish I had thought to buy speakers, but at least I'm no longer typing on that teeny tiny phone screen :)

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    2. StringJunky


      A headphone amp with good earphones or headphones is great as well The Topping NX3 or NX1 are great for not a lot of money

    3. Endy0816


      Went with a couple of basic speakers.


      Hoping to move to a VR rig once things normalize for them. Can't wait until we can test/compare the different types ourselves :)

    4. Joatmon


      I used to work on a full size computer in the 1970's. It took up two large rooms in the basement of an office block :)

  22. Searches 'constant vs invariant' finds thread on another forum started by Studiot... :)

  23. 470 Lumens, how I love thee

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    2. Endy0816


      Changed out the light bulbs in my new place. Old ones were way too harsh.

    3. Endy0816


      Feels cozy now :)

    4. StringJunky


      Yes, ambience is important.

  24. Moved into new place. Tiny but with great potential :)

    1. blue89


      I think learning something is the best.and it is not required you to be at crowded places. you generally need delicous things :) to eat, internet or written materials to learn,convenient place to study hard, humm and probably a lovely darling in addition :) :) :)

  25. Too much happening nearby :/

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