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Status Updates posted by Endy0816

  1. Playing Sims... in RL :}

  2. New car. Vroom Vroom. :)

    1. StringJunky


      Boy racer alert!

    2. Sirona


      What kind?


    3. Endy0816


      Nissan Altima very nice :)

  3. Let dog out. Dog barks. Open door. Find kitten...

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    2. Sirona


      Wish a kitten would show up at my front door! There are usually lots of dogs tied up at the beach and I go a bit crazy petting them all and a few weeks ago this German guy looked very annoyed that I was hugging his dog. Must be a cultural thing as usually the owners will be overjoyed to talk about their dog and interact in Sydney!

    3. Endy0816


      TY all.


      Happily Momma Kitty returned today for her little one. Possibly still scolding him for getting himself covered in dog slobber.

    4. Sirona


      Aw, how cute! ^_^

    1. fiveworlds


      It is weird. All buttons are limited to being pressed once. For example you can only use 1 once.

    2. Endy0816


      Uses the "Checkbox Hack" to simulate buttons.


      Would need to swap them out once every couple digits for longer numbers.


  4. Turned a noodle dryer into a device station today.

  5. Saw green grass in Minnesota this Christmas. :blink:

    1. imatfaal


      Never been to Minnesota - but I did late December in Chicago and it was seriously bbbrr! New York still feels Autumnal. It is the same here (but to a lesser extent as our climate is always more moderate)- I have worn roughly the same cycling kit every morning since end of August thru to end December - I have washed it in between :)

  6. Saw a Hindu Wedding ceremony the other day, very different but nice.

  7. I really hate when you do a search and the first result is your own post.

    1. Unity+


      If you are using Google, their algorithm, I think, searches stuff related to you. Since the post is related to your account, it will bring it up as a first result.

    2. Endy0816


      hmm, that could be the reason.

  8. See post on neutrinos - can't get 'penv' out of my head now :|

  9. Play The Other Side by @grifdail http://t.co/uzegORhRj3Basic graphics but provides a quick challenge if you're bored.

  10. Speak of the devil, headed to Eglin AFB tomorrow.

    1. too-open-minded


      Dude I practically live on Eglin.


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