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    I enjoy surf fishing, beach combing, scuba, aquariums, native fish breeding,
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    some statistical analysis but no other higher education.
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    Astrobiology, evoluntionary biology, space travel, nuclear power,
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    I live near the ocean, I am a science junkie and just another bundle of ignorance trying learn.
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  1. Does anyone on here know anything about riding lawn mowers? I have a craftsman Lt1000. last time I mowed the blades wouldn't disengage and the lever went loose. Now it will not even turn over as though the blades were still engaged and I can't figure out how to fix it. Any ideas out there?

    1. zapatos


      I once had a pack rat chew through the wires that monitored whether or not someone was sitting on the seat. Since there was no signal that I was indeed on the seat, the lawnmower would not start as part of that standard safety feature. Fixed the wire and all was good with the world.

    2. Moontanman


      I will put that on my list, shade tree mechanicing lawn mowers is not fun.


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