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  1. Nancy is home, I got her settled in, the dogs are ecstatic, and I am very glad to have her home.  She is not allowed to move from one place to another without me hovering over her but she'll get used to it!  

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    2. Outrider


      Congrats Moontanman! I hope everything is going well. 

    3. Moontanman


      She is doing a little better than the doc thought she would after the second break but slow and steady is what i want to see. I think the last fall was because she wasn't taking care but she is now!

    4. Outrider


      Good to hear! Two years after my mom had her knee replaced I complimented her doc on such a good job. He said no thats on her, she listened. Seven years and that knee is still working fine. I hope Nancy will do fine. Sounds like she has plenty of attention. :)