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  1. I like the quote by the Italian diplomat of the 19th century called Benso di Cavour who wrote something along the lines of: "Life is the shadow of a passing dream; the story is short and finite; the only immortal truth is love." I cannot conceive of a world where love does not exist and where all life is based upon scientific rationalism, which is IMO, what the OP is saying. But, is love outside the aegis of scientific investigation?
  2. Instead of giving a hungry geezer a few coins, I bought him a week's shopping - and I feel good!

    1. jimmydasaint


      Thank you guys. I'm no saint. I used to walk past these guys but have now lost my fear and engage them instead. I ask their name and why they are out on the streets. Most of the problems tend to be due to mental instability from my straw poll, but they tend to be OK people.

    2. Moontanman


      I have no shame in admitting it makes me feel good to help out others. I bought dinner and a hotel room for a woman and her child a awhile back. I ran into her at a local fast food place and she was trying to get them to let he work for some food. She had been brought down from several states away by her boyfriend and he abandoned her and her daughter to the streets a month later. I put her in tough with locals to get a bus ticket back to new jersey. She couldn't understand why I would he...

    3. jimmydasaint


      Love that Moontanman. I believe that the good we do comes back to us somehow and be sure that, when you need help, this act of charity will help you in turn. Great job man!

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  3. Wow! A superb ambition. I would start off finding free online courses which would improve your overall knowledge. This means college level Maths, Physics and maybe another Science. you do not have to be bright, just dedicated. Then, once you are in college, look up Khan Academy and other online sites to increase your knowledge. Once you have passed college, then apply to further online colleges - the Open University in the UK will cost you but you can work and study at the same time and your job is unimportant as long as it brings in money. http://www.open.ac.uk/courses/choose/ppcbrand?kwcampaign=bau%20england%20-%20brand%20phrase&keywordid=ggluk_open%20uni&mkwid=mc-ppc&gclid=CMiD6YTxqNMCFVcz0wodGVkIDA Before you do anything else, try this level at first: this is called P1 in the UK, the first Physics module taught in Yr 10. Follow up with P2 and P3. Then you have completed basic Physics in the UK to the level of a 16 year-old. This is to test your current knowledge. Good luck on your journey and never, ever, give up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR0boPq3v5Q PS: Ask this Forum if anybody is willing to teach you online for a small fee. you can work and then pay a small proportion of your money to this kind Science Forum person. Both would benefit.
  4. These hypotheses are interesting. So do scientists believe in an infinite Universe over a finite existence? Doesn't this matter then reduce down to subjective and personal belief then? This quantum gravity thingummy, isn't that Prof. Penrose's theory?
  5. qq - this is for you. we could chat by text or PM on this Forum or text on cellphone, if you like. I just want to say that there is ALWAYS hope and ALWAYS a way to get out of this mood. Tony Robbins is the real deal and this is not only my opinion. I have a link for him here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqjWfPWfl5g It's 2 am in the UK dude, I m going to sleep. Take care, you are of great worth and, once you are out of this state, you can help others. All the best to you brother/sister/whatever.
  6. qq - I have not read about HBI but many of Tony Robbins' lectures are on youtube and I have been watching some of these programmes recently. I don't want to get into detail at present about how depression has impacted my life, but I am here if you PM me and, if you need me, I will give you my cellphone no. just to talk and for me to listen - I am an excellent listener. Peace.
  7. qq there is always hope. It's just around the corner my friend. I am personally impacted by depression. Start an intense exercise as your feelings come round to visit. Read Tony Robbins or watch his youtube channel. You are a person of value to the Universe. I don't know you but I love you. Be well my friend.
  8. So the Big Bang was not the origin? What would be he theory to describe the moments just before the Big Bag? Are there scientific hypotheses in place?
  9. I am sorry to hear about your excessive workload. I have also invited scientists into school to work with the children who appreciated the new input and were very friendly towards the PhD (normally a final year student who wanted an experience of teaching). Hope your second idea prevails in the future as a general model of behaviour.
  10. jimmydasaint


    I found a lovely new website (for me) which will definitely help you: http://www.biotopics.co.uk/as/disaccharideformation.html
  11. I'd go with this hypothesis qq. People go wild every Friday and Saturday in the UK - it's called binge drinking - irrelevant of the presence, or absence, of a full moon. Driving home late on a Friday, I am often faced with mad idiotic driving by people desperate to get home to start the weekend. The full moon has nothing to do with this phenomenon - it is more likely due to the increasing availability of cheap alcohol and happy hours.
  12. jimmydasaint


    Not allowed, sorry. Learn for yourself and ask another question - which is allowed. Try the link below and come back if puzzled. http://study.com/academy/lesson/what-is-sucrose-function-structure-chemical-equation.html
  13. The only thing which got me hooked on Physics (applied Maths) at school as a teenager was that it led to a definite answer - a form of truth which some other subjects lacked. I used to avoid homework until the last minute and be on the streets playing football/soccer or other sports until very late - often seeing the ball by the streetlights. As a teacher now, I see exactly what the OP is saying - our current model fails the least able or the slow learner and we are leading cattle through a fence. It is tragic, but, when there are moments when a class interacts with, and "clicks" with a teacher, both the teacher and the students improve as a result of this social interaction. I have had my say about the current education system to the Department for Education in this country (the UK) but no rational response has been given to me. The motive of the teacher matters as well and I have seen, for the most, part, caring and compassionate teachers who work bloody hard for their pupils. A few egotists or people who don't like children enter the profession to earn their pensions and it looks as if the author of the OP met one of these teachers. In reality, the school system originally, in the 19th century was in three tiers: a) labourer class; b) middle manager class and c) director and owner class. The success of all those hardworking and self sacrificing teachers throughout the years has been in allowing individuals from a) and b) to enter professions for class c). This success continues to this day.
  14. The model you are suggesting is a water generator that filters and then condenses the water directly from the air. It seems great for isolated villages or small companies but I see the production rate of water unlikely to serve small towns or cities unless it becomes a popular trend, and the technology is rolled out through distributors on a worldwide scale. But, if solar energy can be used to power the device it looks suitable for small scale use in a sustainable manner.
  15. OK, I am sure you are being modest, which is a good quality. I will present a definition of compassion, which, IMHO, is a most human/humane quality of what we define as character: My main point would be the following- does the computer feel better as a result of a kind action? Do I feel better when I show compassion to someone? Yes, undoubtedly I feel better about myself. Does a computer feel good? I am sure you can replicate feelings by, for example, making a smiley face light up as the computer's "I Am Great" ratio increases but does it feel it has made a difference to the life of someone as we humans do? I don't know. I am trying to understand why humans have not evolved as "survival machines" rather than social beings because I am assuming that the latter needs facets of character which may not be directly selected for by Natural Selection. However, I am willing to concede that aspects of the human composition in the brain such as number of oxytocin receptors or "mirror" neurons could play a part as genetic determinants of social behaviour. Nevertheless, I question why humans are not solely populated by those that are the fittest for survival. I remember being told anecdotally that psychopaths thrive in top professions and are at the top of many industries due to their selfish and survival traits in modern life. It made me wonder why we need human qualities such as empathy or compassion at all in the first place. http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0131820 https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/6661/16b9135d9fb9cd3d19c9d594c8b530996226.pdf
  16. Fred can you please find transcript or the name of the scientist please? This could be crucial to the discussion. Environmental factors - diet, vaccination, electro-smog, genetics - all in a confusing mishmash that interact together?
  17. “Some of you say, “Joy is greater than sorrow,” and others say, “Nay, sorrow is the greater.” But I say unto you, they are inseparable. Together they come, and when one sits alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.”

    1. Raider5678
    2. Sriman Dutta

      Sriman Dutta

      Hey, that is true. Happiness and sadness are just complementary to each other as sine and cosine are. Lol

  18. I would red up on the background thoroughly before you continue with your criticisms quickquestion. I have a quote and a link here for you to read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_test It does not seem to be a wholly rigorous or foolproof method - but it is a start...
  19. And another one... rude shopkeepers who think they are doing you a favour when you are the customer with the money to pay their goddamn wages - I met two of these shopkeepers in the last few days who looked as if they were squeezing a lemon between their ass cheeks!
  20. IMO, if I understand recursion correctly, it is similar to Descarte's cogito ergo sum ( I think therefore I am). This led him to believe that even if he doubted his existence there was someone who did the doubting. In short, it is thinking about the action of thought. This requires human experience of a "self" to which events have occurred about upon which thought could be "built". I don't doubt your programing brilliance. However, you are suggesting similarities to human qualities. How does the computer show that it is an entity to which things have happened from the environment and from which it has developed a personality. Compassion can be easily put on for show by people and computers alike but true compassion seems to be developed by character and a conscious choice rather than a copy of a compassionate action. For example, feeding of the hungry would be an act of compassion. A computer could ask people if they are hungry and then feed them, of course, but could it be programmed to feel that the action was rewarding and an act of growth of personality? If you could do that then you should be rewarded with a huge grant and a team of postdocs.
  21. I think you could have included a crucial point to be made, which is the proposed mechanism of action: Notice that the tests were performed on mice and not in human tissue culture. The findings of the authors are encouraging but not final - the word "could" is pretty standard but important.
  22. Moontanman, Hope everything is well with you friend. My only thinking for humans not being robots is down to this strange thing called consciousness which seems more well developed and sensitive than other species and the ability to think recursively: http://www.americanscientist.org/issues/page2/the-uniqueness-of-human-recursive-thinking We also, IMO, have a limited sense of free will - I know you are aware of this argument
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