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  1. Of course, it's a bloody joke mate! However, the panic room, like the eponymous film, sounds like a good idea to me.
  2. And another thing that really grinds my gears. As soon as my wife sees me sitting around "relaxing", she immediately thinks of something to do that takes about half an hour. Really, I should send her on holiday and build myself a panic room with drinks, snacks and the possibility of a small fort with room for one inside.
  3. The difficulty seems to be in flow rate (not precisely mentioned) and also on the overwhelming saturation of graphene oxide membranes with the high salt and biological material content of seawater. A pre-filter for biological material could be used but what about the salts excluded from the final clean water? How easy would it be to get rid of the excess salts? I am very encouraged by the results and this presents hope for water management for people living next to significant bodies of water.
  4. AAArgh! I wanted to post this Topic! Nevertheless, IMO, there is no way to tell if the Universe is a simulation or not. Is the double slit experiment telling us something? I don't know but I suspect that coincidence may be an illusion as well.
  5. I agree with Strange. By all means hate religion; I have no relation to organised religion because all three mainstream religions have fallen into the same trap - formalism and dogmatic adherence. The God I believe in is an intellectual and a forgiving entity who has kindness as Its core value. Alan, you do come across as a man who believes all the bull**** that the media broadcast as truth but the great book "Manufacturing Consent" should enlighten you to the true nature of the press. http://web4.uwindsor.ca/users/w/winter/40-328.nsf/0/10ff8b04ff3a317885256d88005720f6/$FILE/Klaehn.critical.review.pdf
  6. Try this video as a starter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mbmt-6o-Bp0
  7. Thank you for that clear and compelling insight into the use of computers and neural networks. The insight about use of emotion is superb and worth some thought. so it is possible that emotions give humans the edge during conflict, or survival-type situations. Great post Delta.
  8. I am not being flippant but do computers fear the darkness if they are left for years in the darkness of a computer room? Do they have a history of "self?" It is exactly as you mentioned - they are logical machines.My question involved the possibility that logical machines are better at survival than an illogical and emotional machine if you could program it to behave that way.
  9. I scanned the published paper rapidly and found the following in the Discussion section: http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/releases/psp-pspa0000076.pdf
  10. As a 54 yr-old middle-aged man, I have a number of things which really grind my gears. However, after reading another thread on how to pronounce De Broglie, I have to let off some steam. You Yanks are lovely people and I have an American colleague who is a good friend BUT... What really grinds my gears is the way you guys pronounce the name of the artist Van Gogh. It is not "Van go" - that sounds like an advert for a bloody delivery van. The pronunciation is "Van Hoch" like coughing out a half eaten kebab. Please get that right. IIRC, they don't pronounce the letter "G" so Greggs the bakers are not likely to be found in Holland. Now your turn. What really grinds your gears?
  11. I have just returned to this thread after endless late nights at school. However, can you program a computer to think about the past, reflect on it and consider the best past of action for the future? Can you program a computer to have a sense of being on a historical timeline as a unique individual? If you can, then the computer ceases being a computer and you have created a humanoid robot. You chose the definition for fear in quite a clever way. What about fear as a rational or irrational response to past experience which creates the feeling of fear? If the choice is logical or illogical, which one will the robot choose? http://www.americanscientist.org/issues/page2/the-uniqueness-of-human-recursive-thinking I agree that there might be a spectrum of extraneous "stuff" but we seem to experience it as a part of our Facebook-style timeline that runs through our brains. Animals do learn from past mistakes but I don't recall, in my limited reading, of any animal that considered its place in its unique timeline in the same way as humans. IIRC, a chimpanzee which was asked, by sign language, what it was thinking answered in sign language :"food".
  12. In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.

    1. zapatos


      So responding to an ad hominem attack with an ad hominem attack of your own is preferable to simply not responding at all?

    2. zapatos


      This is why I don't like platitudes...

    3. jimmydasaint


      That is not what I meant. Responding to an ad hominem attack with a placatory or calm response normally makes the other guy look silly.

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  13. I won't debate First Cause argument. However, something capable of creating matter is not made of matter. By consciousness, I mean recursive thinking. I take it your computer does not pause to think about its thoughts. I would also hypothesise that few animals are able to access recursive thinking in a conscious human way. Btw, it is still a mystery how consciousness evolved:
  14. http://www.biology4kids.com/files/studies_taxonomy.html
  15. Let me absolutely clear on my stance here so there is no doubt. I believe in a Creator who created and then allowed his Creation to develop by putting onto place Laws of the Universe (known and unknown). I do not believe that this Creative Energy/Intelligence is a man. There is no "human" emotion involved, nor is there permanent meddling in human affairs. This is my own particular worldview which takes into account my present level of ignorance. However, there are several aspect of the Creation which I wanted to question because, inevitably, consciousness and language HAD to develop. Emotions and the sheer bloody irrationality of humans (witness behaviour at a roundabout in the UK) also had to arrive but where is the hard evidence? Now my cards are on the table, I can respond to the answers that were given by you guys. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1749-6632.2001.tb05717.x/full Maybe there are none. Where are the building blocks for text processing in your PC? The capability for certain behaviour does not mean that the behaviour itself lies in the genes. I do not agree with you here. There has to be, IMO, a genetic predisposition to human behaviours and emotions that are then shaped and selected by the environment. Another link for you to think about: I will admit that this is a complicated matter where scientific knowledge is rather incomplete. Reducing? I am not aware of that. And what evidence do you want? If some trait of an animal exists now, there must at least have been some evolutionary advantage for it. So consciousness must have been such an advantageous trait. I know it is more complicated than this, but at least conscious animals exist for such a long time, that it must have some advantage. Maybe I did not express my point clearly, but are there genes for empathy? I don't know but psycopaths seem to survive quite well without empathy. and have a huge survival advantage certainly in developed society and maybe in the battlefield but these are my opinions from what I have read. You are asking for reason, for a rationale of not being a robot. Your original formulation: So I introduced Mother Nature as exaggeration of your 'why' question. Newton: Newton explained according to which laws of nature works. Not why it works as it does. I suspect that you are dodging the issue by referring to the hypothetico deductive model. So you say that Newton described how an apple fell to the ground in a rectilinear path but not why? Semantic obfuscation Eise - semantic obfuscation!
  16. No offence meant against the OP. However, I do worry at the crap we are given under the guise of journalism. This is not news and not worthy of being called news. This is as gossipy as saying that JayZ is a member of OTO. Who cares either way. My main worry is that agencies such as Sky news are reporting on events as news before they happen and decide, in an editorial fashion, to shape our opinions through a biased worldview. This is the hidden danger beneath the 90% of gossip bulls**t broadcast as news in this country, and probably in America.
  17. Yes I am. I am looking at the present and only in the present at the moment. To be honest I do prescribe to Prof Penrose's theory about the limitations of AI. http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/schneider20160322 And where do instincts evolve from? Why do they evolve? I don't know, but I hope you can help me out here. Would it not make sense to be a Terminator-like machine which senses its environment and acts accordingly to ensure its own survival at all costs? Showing philanthropic behaviour seems to be a waste of time at an individual level.
  18. This is not a literary discussion but a question that arises in my mind about the extra "stuff" that makes us humans. Having just read "Hard Times" by Charles Dickens http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/786 one of the major characters is a man of reason called Gradgrind, who believes that facts and figures are solely what is required to turn out a well-rounded individual who has reasoning capacities. One of his quotes is as follows: Towards the end of this proto-Socialist exposition, Gradgrind gets a tough reminder that humans cannot live on facts alone by his own daughter whose life has been ruined by parental insistence on pure reason: Don't species have other priorities, for example, survival, rather than wasting time with all this other extraneous human stuff? The question is, why did Natural Selection (and Genetic Drift) not cause humans just to function in a reasoned self interest in the same way as a robot? Why do we have feelings of love, of empathy, of compassion of being upset, being happy, being blue? Don't species have other priorities, for example, survival, rather than wasting time with all this other extraneous human stuff?
  19. Without giving the answer away, see if you understand the following and think what is meant by an allele in terms of gene sequence:
  20. Ed, this philanthropic work is certainly a superb addition to field tools for, IMO, one of the biggest problems in developing nations, which is diagnosis of communicable disease. I love the cheap and easy solution. The problems I can see with the device are twofold. Firstly, what is the maximum acceptable fluid volume which can be centrifuged on one disc?. Also, there is the problem of stability as it spins and how samples can be attached to the disc. I suppose these are not insuperable problems and can be solved with a bit of trial and error. Great find!
  21. An end of an era. Now weaned off metal tunes.

    1. jimmydasaint


      My mood did change after my heart attack in July. I think that is the event that precipitated my move to more gentle music.

    2. StringJunky


      A personal signal to chill more.

    3. jimmydasaint


      I think I find it difficult now to listen to tunes which have the heart beating at over 100bpm

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  22. First week of school is over. It starts again! I did go easy on the pupils and ate lots of chocolate...

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