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  1. Interesting find. I did not believe it at first but then read these quotes: https://www.quantamagazine.org/swarming-bacteria-create-an-impossible-superfluid-20180726/ There is also a model stated here: https://journals.aps.org/prl/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevLett.121.018001 As for having a motor driven by bacteria, that need warmth and a continuous flow of suitable nutrients - dream on!
  2. I am so glad that China, an economically developed nation, have entered the space race in such an able manner. Let's hope that they open up data and pictures to the world in an open and unselfish way. This is a great moment for the whole of humanity - not only China and let's not be small minded here. Congratulations China!
  3. First of all, it is no surprise that computer scientists would consider DNA as an excellent information store. Treated correctly, DNA can be frozen and kept for potentially hundreds of years if I believe the magazine article which I scanned very quickly today. Also, there are 2 billion base pairs in the entire chromosomal content of one cell nucleus which are responsible for the encoding of roughly 21,000 genes to make a human being IIRC. However, here is the bit where I need help. The article claimed that 9 base oligonucleotides could be used to code for short instructions and that 13 of these 9 base oligonucleotides could encode 13 trillion "words" of code (in the same way that sentences could be broken into words). I am assuming that I read this correctly. Not knowing coding, can someone clarify: a) What it means by words of code and b) What technique would allow this code to be read quickly enough for practical purposes? In the meantime, I will hunt for the original article...
  4. Is there a particular model which is more plausible than others about the movement of DNA from the organelle to the nuclear chromosomes? I am making an assumption here that the genes for mitochondrial replication are spread amongst several chromosomes as a "buffer" to avoid deleterious mutations, but I could be corrected...
  5. These are questions where I have struggled to find answers. How did instinct arise? How did it become "embedded" in species of animals? Are the changes epigenetic and passed on in subtle base modifications (e.g. methylation)? Do instincts change? The Great monarch butterfly seems to use the sun to guide itself huge distances. I wonder if the amount of sunlight is a cue that then allows instinct to fly to "kick in"? Great monarch butterfly
  6. Are some of the genes for replication of mitochondria and chloroplasts found in the cellular chromosomes? One would need to explain why the cell's chromosomes also contribute in a pivotal way to the replication of organelles and how the genes got there in the first place. Or are the DNA plasmids found in the organelles enough for replication?
  7. There are two papers - one on bats, including wild bats in an uncontrolled but closely observed environment. The other is on tracking wild tiger movements in habitats fragmented by humans. These are looking at end behaviours which are measurable and provide evidence. How could you provide evidence for any behaviour which is not measurable? It would not be considered evidence by you! Evidence is only provided on the end results of behaviours surely!
  8. All behaviour is human behaviour? I am now worried! Did you read the two pieces of evidence that were presented by me, including the figures? I would certainly read them prior to such erroneous and hasty posting. Do you know that circadian rhythms in mammals are controlled in the same way as humans and that melatonin is similarly involved. Did you know that oxytocin receptors in some mammals determine nurturing behaviour of the young, which may be similar to humans? (I don't know if papers are out about this phenomenon in humans). I gave you evidence = please take time to read and consider it. All behaviour is not human behaviour and we certainly get a lot of clues about human behaviour from animal studies (e.g. Pavlov's dogs). Oh, and Science is about theory/hypothesis followed by observation and analysis. Falsification is a method for reaching objective truths; hence the carefully couched language of most scientific papers.
  9. I see A meta-analysis is an overall view based on other analyses by other researchers. This marks a review of trends about "nocturnality". The original paper can be share here: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/360/6394/1232 Also, because you want evidence, there is evidence of bat behaviour being affected by streetlight illumination, here: null https://besjournals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/1365-2664.12206 If you go straight to the figures, you will see a very clear change in behaviour when streetlight illumination is in force. Also, there is evidence of humans affecting tiger populations by their living processes including farming: The evidence is presented about six key factors which affected tiger movement (e.g. perennial water bodies) and then presented observations and analyses about each one. You can find the paper here: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0039996 They did not look at some tiger poo and make analytical statements: they performed the field work.
  10. Wow! What a remarkably obtuse answer! From a quick glance, this looks like a meta-analysis of 76 published studies (all of which are likely to have been peer-reviewed). The opinion reached by at maximum 76 teams of researchers who use the scientific method are likely to be better than you sitting at your computer and trying to rubbish their work. Don't talk complete garbage. Also, if you are a troll, you are likely to get caught early with your stubborn and near-sighted nonsense.
  11. Mathgeek, I plagiarised your post here: Just to agree with what you have written. Also, it may be possible that authors who are not expert in English would be more willing to plagiarise because they might not have the range of semantic and syntactic skills to enable them to rephrase a paragraph which appears to be perfectly written from their viewpoint. In short, help should be available to rephrase a scientific statement for people who are imperfect in written English skills (I include myself in this description due to this repetitive and word-heavy paragraph which I have just written).
  12. beecee, superb find which, IIRC, support the Classical Model. What are likely to be the fields of enquiry (no pun intended) for string theorists in the future?
  13. I don't know about the Big Bang as an act of faith. I thought the theory had pretty strong evidential basis. Big Bang evidence As a first cause, it is pretty good. And yes I base my faith on my own train of logic and inference which is my own personal opinion based on my own reasoning. I do not expect others to follow my reasoning. Like I said, I am not here to bang on a religious book - I am sharing my thoughts and opinions. If there is evidence of consciousness/soul after death then it would back my thoughts further.
  14. Sure. hope you are keeping well mate. All three Revelations talk about something called the soul which has a relationship with the corporeal part of existence. By its own deeds, it either elevates itself to a higher plane (Heaven) or a lower form of existence (Hell). We are also causative agents (apart from the Supreme Intelligence which caused the Big Bang) and our actions on Earth have consequences - to improve or degrade the standard of life of others. Those who give of their wealth, or time, generously raise society (and their own soul) whilst those who hoard their money and are filled with the ego of power (e.g. Pharaoh) destroy or corrupt society (and their own soul). The Revelations gave their guidance in the form of metaphor and allegory. I am not quoting these directly, it would take too long unless you want me to elaborate further?
  15. Just to reply to the OP. I believe in a Supreme Intelligence, call it what you will. I approach my thinking from the cause and effect relationships evident throughout the Universe. Then, I attribute the Big Bang and all subsequent events to this Supreme Intelligence that could conceivably create the forces of nature and allow the potentialities of the Universe to manifest. At some point in my chain of thinking, I come across question marks and I have doubts about the existence of this Supreme Intelligence. At this point, I need faith to believe that there is an afterlife where the elevated soul can rest after the excrescence of an Earthly existence. That faith is a strong hope underpinned by not one but 3 revelations and books that seem to give broadly the same message. However, all the above is my opinion, which I believe was requested by the OP. I am not here to bang the drum.
  16. You probably did read about them a decade ago. IIRC, these were first discovered in 2004.
  17. Damn! What a shame! Have nanoparticles ever been used in vivo Charon?
  18. I think the assassin molecule is central to the development of Huntington's disease but that a short exposure could destroy cancers before the brain is affected. However, it is poignant that people who desperately need the treatment have to wait for Science to come through.
  19. These findings need to be confirmed by other labs but are stunning if they are correct. This discovery could provide a low cost solution to many cancers. Will Big Pharma pick upon this or ignore it? siRNA
  20. How long do they have to monitor actual monsoons to show that their hypothesis is correct? Ten years? Twenty years? What would be confirming data?
  21. The ancient viruses discovered are a complete game changer in Biology and represent an as-yet uncharacterised influence on oceanic and Earth-based ecosystems. No-one knew because they did not grow them in the lab properly. Awesome find Moontanman!
  22. First of all, can you get pure samples of each genus? If you can get hold of pure samples then you can do some old fashioned protein SDS PAGE made against secreted antigens from each genus. These are probably few enough so that you end up with a reasonable protein profile. If you make radiolabelled antibodies against the secreted antigens, you have a fine control of the secreted proteome from each genus. Then you can use some fancy reverse genetics to make a DNA probe for each genus and then finally use your chosen method to identify genus/species specific DNA. I am assuming that there is enough genetic difference to classify the cyanobacteria into distinct criteria. http://jcm.asm.org/content/38/12/4453.full https://www.nature.com/articles/srep32209
  23. First of all best wishes for the New Year to you and your loved ones. Of course you are correct in saying that we don't need God to live in harmony. I think many people would need a perfect archetype or paradigm against which they can measure the evolution of their Ego, Will, Love and Knowledge, so I referred to an absolute embodiment of personality and qualities in the form of God, rather than humanity, often painfully lacking in both. My aim was to present a picture of God in a scientific context. I don't know if I succeeded or failed in my efforts.
  24. My own tuppence worth as a believer for about 34 years now. Science is a set of techniques which can be used in a hypothesis/falsification/new hypothesis method to find objective truths. It is neutral to the existence or absence of God The Universe, as we know it, is either infinite or finite. If it is infinite then my whole argument falls apart. If it is finite, then it had a start. That start is a hypothesis called The Big Bang. Science has given evidence of the existence of a Big Bang -for example, cosmic microwave background, Hubble red shift of galaxies The Laws of physics apparently came into being at the Big Bang and then became pretty much immutable. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. God created matter and cannot be then contained or trapped by His Laws. Space-time was created by God. The Bible and other revelations spend time telling us what happens at the end of "Earth" time so God has seen all of Time as it passed before Him. God's revelations appeared in all three theist religions but as metaphor and allegory not in complete factual detail. God gave a spark to the start of the Universe and let his revelations and Laws do the rest. God gives meaning and purpose to the lives of billions of people on this planet, including myself. If you do not believe or seek a scientific proof for God, it is not there. What would be the point if we have something called free will if a Father like figure showed His presence all the time - it would be restrictive in the extreme. But if you are an atheist, I respect your views. I love my belief system because it enables me to live with my Ego, Love, Will and Knowledge in a harmonious manner with other people and the Universe (most of the time, unless they really get irrational when I lose the plot slightly). In short, I have hope for the future if I align my moral compass with the intrinsic qualities and personality of God.
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