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  1. In Soviet Russia, bomb tests you! Also, I'd totally go see that.
  2. Yes, I don't really have contact with people. But seriously though, more people should hang out in the chatroom. It's fun, informative, educational and disturbingly satisfying.
  3. I refuse to believe that there was a time in your life you didn't know a lot about science. I think everyone who has been on SFN for multiple years has gone through quite a bit of mental growth (perhaps excluding the really ancient users who got their high school diplomas around the time Atlantis sunk). For example in 2004 I was just interested in blowing stuff up and the more hazardous aspects of science in general, and now four years later I'm interested in blowing stuff up and the more hazardous aspects of science in general.
  4. I support the OP's idea of Finnish talking.
  5. Gilded

    Zombie Plan

    One should consider that when infected there's a solid chance of turning into a Smoker. That 30 meter tongue should really make you popular with the ladies.
  6. Photons don't accelerate, their velocity is always c.
  7. Assuming it's vitiligo, the age of onset is commonly young adulthood, skin pigment being mostly unaffected until then. As to whether Michael Jackson currently has any biological children is debatable.
  8. ...supported by the National Spork Agency.
  9. If you don't like getting hit by hadouken bolts of heavenly wrath you might want to vote for Gilded.
  10. Here's a very recent picture of me, dressed very casually: Yes, no matter what they tell you Heinz ketchup is actually the breakfast of champions.
  11. Merry Christmas! And may all of you have the same amount of limbs in 2009 as you have now. (Unless you're getting a prosthesis or something.)
  12. Oh no! Try shooting it with a shotgun and see if it repairs itself and proceeds to take over the nuclear arsenal of a few countries.
  13. Gilded


    Thank you, I just decided to start playing WoW again.
  14. Gilded

    Rep Question

    AFAIK it has been considered and in my opinion it doesn't work too well, even though the users are a bit more mentally mature than YouTube users.
  15. For some people every day is a holiday! Mainly for the unemployed though.
  16. Thanks, and happy everything to you too. I'd like to see more holiday avatars on the forums though.
  17. Gilded


    I'm afraid that falls within the realm of philosophy. Feel free to discuss "How?" though.
  18. Yay! Congratulations! But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Believe me, I know!
  19. I wonder if he uses Viagra. I mean he's hundreds of years old and I'm guessing Mrs. Claus might want him to engage in certain marital duties at least once in a few decades or so. Also, those elves have to come from somewhere...
  20. Meh, I was thinking of buying the laser myself anyway but sadly Bernard Madoff made off with my share of the $50bn fraud.
  21. Could you ask him why I didn't get that 60 terawatt laser last Christmas?
  22. Somehow I'm not surprised. Doesn't the facade of every Wal-Mart say "Arbeit macht frei"?
  23. That's not three syllables though...
  24. But it's kind of boring isn't it? The best threads are the ones where you sort of don't see it coming. For example climate change threads that get Godwin'd early are awesome. Hitler.
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