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  1. ha ha, back i should say

  2. i fixed it up, it has some more logic, i don't like final else's so it just has a elif for hte situation, it also handles the chance that the input might be the same:



    #Filename: func_doc.py

    def printMax(x, y, z):

    x=int(x) #convert input to integers, if possible



    if z > x:

    if z > y:

    print(z, 'is maximum')

    elif y > x:

    if y > z:

    print(y, 'is maximum')

    elif x > y:

    if x > z:

    print(x, 'is maximum')

    elif x == y == z:

    print('all input equal')


    printMax(input('Enter first integer:'), input('Enter second integer:'), input('Enter third integer:'))

  3. of all the things that would explode in a lab, this is one of the last on my list, it takes a massive shock wave to detonate, takes quite a bit on a large pile/bar/sphere to detonate, and heat isn't a major detonation factor as far as i know
  4. yep, its too big to fail, the worst that will happen is we fade away as we lose members through other means, but this forum will never directly fail
  5. Good night dear, I'm going off to sleep now.

    Get well soon:)

  6. I did my JOB!! Din't I?xD

  7. hi, be my friend :P

  8. rofl, bring in those messages

  9. all i'll say is

    "people please drop some messages as you browse this chap's profile..He loves them(rather wants them)" ;)

  10. cold, its some stomach thing going around my school

  11. cold or fever? take rest instead of sitting on your favourite forum;)

    Get well soon

  12. im sick right now though

  13. fine, i know all the stuff

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