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  1. ha ha, back i should say

  2. i fixed it up, it has some more logic, i don't like final else's so it just has a elif for hte situation, it also handles the chance that the input might be the same:



    #Filename: func_doc.py

    def printMax(x, y, z):

    x=int(x) #convert input to integers, if possible



    if z > x:

    if z > y:

    print(z, 'is maximum')

    elif y > x:

    if y > z:

    print(y, 'is maximum')

    elif x > y:

    if x > z:

    print(x, 'is maximum')

    elif x == y == z:

    print('all input equal')


    printMax(input('Enter first integer:'), input('Enter second integer:'), input('Enter third integer:'))

  3. of all the things that would explode in a lab, this is one of the last on my list, it takes a massive shock wave to detonate, takes quite a bit on a large pile/bar/sphere to detonate, and heat isn't a major detonation factor as far as i know
  4. yep, its too big to fail, the worst that will happen is we fade away as we lose members through other means, but this forum will never directly fail
  5. hi, be my friend :P

  6. rofl, bring in those messages

  7. cold, its some stomach thing going around my school

  8. im sick right now though

  9. fine, i know all the stuff

  10. nitric

    join my group, NOW

    its Chemists, Home and Profesional

  11. fine

    how 'bout you

  12. do thermite, it can be done in a test tube, most metals will work with Mg or Al
  13. why dont i get messages

  14. i dont comunicate so the question is inrelivent to me
  15. now i must say i'm not giving anything to this part of home chem(yes it seems i'm trying to get out of the "kewl" stage of home chem" but as for flash and bangs you have nitro aromatics, for salts you have countless carboxylic acids reacting with bases(both organic and inorganic), and all the azo and amino dyes
  16. one, this is a very dangerous reaction if over heated. i have had that happen and the vessel will start to make NO2 instead of HNO3 because of decomp, and two, you need a complete all ground glass distillation setup that has a hose on the vacuum port leading to a gas wash bottle with cold bicarbonate solution in it. if you have all this already in accounted for, then you can CONSIDER making HNO3.
  17. the only substance i could think of that turns colorless( warning, dont use this) is phenolphthalein, buts its cancer causing. try a google search, i bet there are plenty of products you could find for this...
  18. its over exaggerated, it pyrophoric when you have it in gas form, try to do that, or in like specialty, super ultra fine powder in a pure oxygen atmosphere. For what the home chemist has this is no problem at all.
  19. As far i see it it makes sense, but they have made trinitrotoluene which has three deactivating groups and had to get through from DNT, they used heating to about 70-80*C to do that nitration. The group would add to the meta position since its being deactivated.
  20. it seems to be a internal water valve, i hope puppies are not part of the water contaminants . As i see it, it is just a plastic being degraded by aqueous chlorine
  21. May i add, being a amateur chemist myself, that HCl can be found in many hardware stores in there paint sections as muriatic acid in shockingly sized containers, it is sold as 31.45% HCl and will emit very irritating fumes and will "fume" in moist air. As for the complex, very dilute ammonia sold at grocery stores will work, as with pharmacies may carry(very strong irritant) something called "strong ammonia thats about 20-29% NH3. hope this helps and doesn't break the Hazmat policy
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