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  1. I know, I know. No such thing exists. It's a question. I have to give credit to my friend who put forth this idea, and I'm losing my mind trying to prove him wrong. -- Say we placed a giant iron pole on the Earth. Pretend it was big enough to match the scale shown in the picture. http://img386.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mindnumbingcurvaturend2.jpg What would happen to the pole? The gray lines in the pictures represent the pull of gravity. So, I believe that the pole would be bent to match the curvature of the earth. Now imagine that the same iron pole was placed miles above the Earth, and that the pole was longer than the circumference of the Earth. If the distance from the center of the Earth to the pole created a radius for a circle with a circumference equal to the length of the pole, then the pole would likely create a ring around the Earth. BUUTT!!111!1oneoneone!112 1. The Earth is not a perfect sphere. 2. Earth's gravity is not perfectly uniform. This means that the pole, if distanced from the Earth, would not create a perfect ring. However, I theorize that it would warp to match the gravitational field of the Earth. If observed carefully, this would effectively map the gravitational field of the Earth. Tangent: Complete
  2. Do you know an alien? Cuz I'd phone home with you all night long
  3. That made me cry. Why do clouds look fluffy and white? Because they're cumulus and it's fair weather. Duh.
  4. Hey, I'm liber scientia, roughly translated to free knowledge I'm in love with band and I've been fascinated by sciences all of my life.. And the institutions aren't cutting it for me.. I'm only 14 years old, but I hope this isnt a problem.. the most brilliant minds were adolescent at one point, too =p My mind wanders as a lost man, in depth and analyzing whatever I can from the force needed to throw something accurately, to imagining the angle that a ray of light would need to bank off of one wall, two walls, three walls onto a certain object I appreciate discovery and the sciences and keep an open mind to think out of the box. My scientific vocabulary is pretty limited, so go easy on me =p but speculation and hypothesizing come naturally, so i can communicate on par in that way Thanks for letting me contribute.
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    I don't understand. The Earth's gravity is what acts against weightlessness for us. Beyond that, the Earth is trapped in orbit by the sun's gravity.. so what weightlessness do you mean?
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