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  1. Looks like Obama did the right thing http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/ukraine-crisis-vladimir-putin-orders-troops-to-return-1.2647181 Not sure if Putin is really reacting to sanctions, but important point is he can pull back and save face. If we had shown some military bluster, he would look like a coward pulling back. The pro-Russian groups would also be more energetic and the Ukrainians would probably be pissed that it was escalated.
  2. Thanks for posting. I'm pretty pessimistic, I don't think we evolved enough to handle an issue like this. Hopefully, I am wrong.
  3. You asked this with a link to an article broadcasting Rubio's position. He hasn't been censored, quite the opposite. His speech will get blasted everywhere and will be taken seriously. I guess the answer would be NO. Facepalm? YES Along with the gravity and evolution ideologues.
  4. Drones and killing treasonous Americans are low on the priority right now. My biggest concern with drones is one of them falling on me or dropping a parcel on me or taking a plane down. That and any noise they make if too many start buzzing about.
  5. Michael Sam is the first openly gay man to enter the National Football League. He was drafted in the last round, so emotions were pretty high. He cried and kissed his partner after hearing the good news. The kiss was appropriate - not overly done or anything. The type of kiss that straight guys and their girlfriends have with no issues expressed. But, some players and others expressed outrage, using children viewers as an excuse. I think it is especially great if children were watching, so they don't grow up ignorant. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/ex-nfl-player-rips-espn-showing-michael-sam-kiss-article-1.1788608 What do you think? As long as the same actions are considered OK for a straight couple in front of children, shouldn't it be OK for gay couples?
  6. Yep, this will replace the "believe in evolution" question for Repub candidates as a litmus test. It will be interesting to see if ANY republican candidate will say they believe in man-made global warming.
  7. That's assuming Putin is a psychopath, hell bent on taking all of Ukraine, no matter the cost. I really don't think that's the current issue. Ukraine is much more important to Russia and Europe. The US isn't responding militarily to much of anything anymore. It ain't worth it. Sanctions is a better option than sending our young people to kill their young people, don't you think? Not really, they still remember how painful it can be to occupy countries that don't want them. If Ukraine implodes and some of it sways his way voluntarily, that is a much easier and popular outcome.
  8. Yeah, should have included last names. Jeb Bush, actual name is John Ellis Bush. Yes, the republican primaries at least have increasingly become a balancing act between appeasing the ideologues who vote and the big money supporters who want a horse they think can win. Bush will have the big money support and will just have to take the right lumps on certain issues, like immigration in order to squeeze through the primary and win the general.
  9. If Jeb wins the primary, he will be difficult to beat. Only Hillary would have a chance and it will be tough. He'll get more of the Latino vote than Romney. She might look old and tired in the debates compared to him and will need to defend Obama's administration, since she was a part of it. I think Jeb has a very good chance of winning the primary, especially with Christie damaged. Rand is more political than his dad, but he has foot in the mouth disease and still speaks to a rabid minority.
  10. Should have posted this link to whomever made this claim
  11. We better turn our full attention toward saving Bees.
  12. Craig's Bond loses to Sherlock hands down. If we consider Connery's Bond, well Sherlock captures him and while revealing his elaborate method to do so, Bond uses a gadget with some incredible luck to escape and then strangles Sherlock unconcious. He then utters an awesome one-liner and walks away with Irene Adler
  13. This is my main concern in regards to mentioning specific sectarian prayers. As an atheist, I take the high road in regards to the general "God" in prayer - I recognize tradition in that sense and I don't get butt-hurt with this fiction. But, I know the people who are most energetic in regards to these prayers will be the first to fight any mention of Allah or other non-Jesus counterpart. Yes, many just see it as part of their heritage. So, rejecting it is like rejecting their country, family and history. It becomes un-American. My brain realizes that ultimately, the best answer would be a non-religious statement, like "We the people..." in place of Gods. But, my heart realizes that the culture isn't there yet. I would hope that they would at least use general prayers and recognize that other religious people get just as butt-hurt as they do in regards to their favorite stories. It is a form of peer-pressure, so I do think its an important issue, but pragmatically, it isn't a battle worth fighting at the moment, IMO
  14. I think we should send our well-armed and un-regulated state militia's over to Ukraine. Ted Nugent could be first in line.
  15. I think they are using fistulated cows. That would greatly increase maintenance if scaled. Looks like grains increase methane, so yet another reason to avoid feeding them grain(increases gas, sickness(more antibiotics) and lowers omega 3)
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